God is with you on this journey

If you feel like you have been on a long journey, know that you are not alone. Your path might be clear at times and very confusing sometimes but keep on walking. Keep on going. God will make all things clear. God will be with you when you stop walking and you are at a loss. He is carrying you and He is leading you. Recognize when the enemy is trying to get you lost and look at your GPS. The Spirit of God has the best GPS. GPS stands for God’s Path Specified. God’s Spirit will “specify” what your path is and will show you God’s way. I know that there are times when you seem to be walking alone in the wilderness and your GPS doesn’t work. It always works. There is a specific path for you that will take you through the wilderness from time to time but remember that you are going through it and you are not meant to stay in it. The lessons you will learn in the desert are going to build your faith and help you develop reliance and dependence on the Lord.

If you are walking through the shadow of the valley of death today and if you are in the wilderness and you can’t see anything for miles ahead of you, trust that your GPS is still in effect. There might be a derailment and a detour but with the Lord, you will find your way. The enemy is trying to send you back to where you came from or to where you used to belong. You belong with Jesus. You are not going back. You are not getting lost. God is paving the way for something better. Your future is very bright. Your past stays in the past. Keep walking even when you don’t know where you are going. Remind your mind that wherever you go,  God is with you. The road ahead is not going to be a lonely journey. God’s angels are holding you up so you don’t hurt your feet. The crowd of witnesses is cheering you on. The Holy Spirit is leading you and inspiring you. Jesus died for you and you are walking in the shadow of the cross. Death was defeated and so were all the obstacles and hurdles the enemy is placing on your journey. It’s not always going to be easy but Jesus conquered the world and what is meant for evil will God will use for good.

I dislike getting lost just like anyone else. I used to get so mad when I would take a wrong turn or a wrong exit. Now, as I rely more on my GPS, I have the confidence that I will find my way and that the few minutes I lost will be made up. God will make up for lost time. He will give you favor and bless you in ways that you won’t understand. That’s what He does. That’s who He is. Don’t get mad and don’t get angry when you don’t know what’s going on. The Lord is working behind the scenes and He is preparing something amazing for you. Trust in His process. Trust that He knows where He is taking you. Put on His traits while you are treading along. Don’t wear bitterness, fear and disappointment. Put on the garment of praise. Put on faith and peace. Wear your heart on your sleeve and keep smiling. You are on this journey for many reasons and one of them is to leave a trail of hope, peace and love for others to walk on. God has this GPS for you so that other people can find their way as they see your testimony and as they read the Gospel that you are displaying through your life. Keep on walking. Keep on hoping. Keep on trusting God. Keep on walking in love. God is with you on this journey and you will always find your way!

Suggested reading: Zephaniah 3:17; Matthew 28:20; Ephesians 3:17

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