Being a carrier of God’s love in a hurting world

Despite all the violence and the gratuitous hatred in the world, there is hope. There is hope for love and for goodness to make strides. You and I can be at the forefront of this battle for love. We are the carriers of God’s love and we can make a difference in the world. It sounds idealistic and simple but it can happen. Friend, you have a lot of love in you whether you express it or not. The love of Christ resides in your spirit and you can display it, broadcast it, share it and distribute it. You are a carrier of the most precious treasure in the universe. You can touch lives in a powerful way. You can introduce the Lord to people who have been used to hate and rejection. Jesus is all-inclusive. He loves every single person that is on the earth. The enemy is all-exclusive and he hates every single person that is on this earth. He also wants people to be far from God and to never experience His love. You can bridge the gap between God and so many people but being a carrier of His love. Be an active carrier that goes around and hands out God’s love like it is the most exciting news today. It surely is. This world needs so much love and so much healing and the healing starts with people who are willing to be spokespeople for God and who are willing to carry the torch of His love as long as they can.

I believe it is important to be receptive to God’s love so we can share it with others. It is also important to nurture that love and to keep it in our hearts. I want to know God’s love and understand it the best way I can. I know that I will never be able to comprehend it all. One thing for sure is that God so loved the Lord that He gave His only Son for me, for you and for everybody. It is that incredible love that I try to carry and to offer to people. Not in a preachy and religious way but in a more organic and accessible manner. The Holy Spirit knows everything and He knows how love works and how people operate. He can tell us and show us how to reach people. He can reveal the best way to help people and to comfort them and love them. There isn’t one mold that works from everyone. I think sometimes we try to push love on people without considering who they are and it turns them away. Sometimes people don’t need to hear words but they want to listen to our actions and get connected to the love within us. It is that love that bridges the gaps and that brings hope. People can see the light in the heart of the one who lets God use them.

The world is hurting. There is no doubt about it. I mentioned healing earlier and I am convinced that love heals. It is God’s love for humanity that healed a dead situation. We were destined for eternal doom. Our hope was broken. Our future was broken and Jesus mended everything on the cross. His love heals and it will continue to heal. As a carrier of His love, you can bring healing into the darkest places. You can ease the pain and give hope again. All you have to do is be the conduit of love you were meant to be. Speak love. Stand up for love. Don’t hesitate to give love. Be very generous with love. Show extravagant love. Know that your words can heal and they can change someone’s perspective of themselves. Promote God’s love for everyone. So many people have been wounded by the dagger of rejection and they need the power of love to remove all the pain and the suffering. Carry the love. It might be the only love some people will ever know!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 54:10; Romans 8:37-39;  1 John 4:7-8

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