Do not be afraid

I get these daily words, daily phrases, daily messages. The phrase from yesterday was “Don’t be afraid.” I know the Lord says that hundreds of times in the Bible. It was only in the past decade that I realized how important that message was. He knows that fear is rampant and that it is the enemy of faith. Fear creates separation from God. Fear keeps us from reaching our full potential. Fear makes us sick. Fear is the opposite of what God wants us to experience on a regular basis. God tells us not to fear because it can derail us and it hurts us more than we think. Fear is an injection of a venomous poison that can paralyze our entire spiritual being. When God says we shouldn’t be afraid, He is telling us that we can live in faith. We can be strong and we can be courageous. He is not telling us to move mountains of fear on our own. He provides us with the power and the strength to conquer fear. Fear is extremely bad. I am getting more and more aware of how it controls us and it diminishes us. Fear reduces us to a pile of anxiety and stress when we should amount to a fortress of hope. Today I want to remind you that fear is not your friend, fear can be vanquished, and fear doesn’t have to rule your life.

What brings about fear? It usually comes when we think about how little control we have on our lives and how we can’t handle what’s to come. Fear is usually a projection of a bleak future on the screen of our minds. We run movies in our heads where fear is the villain who gets away with the worst crimes. We overthink it and we develop scenarios where defeat is imminent and all hope is lost. Fear also brings out our weaknesses. We get scared because we think that we are not strong enough in certain situations and in certain areas of our lives. It is very destabilizing when we see that what we thought was a strength turns out to be a playground for fear. We can be strong when everything goes well but once things go south, our weaknesses show up and we don’t have the courage to face the music. God has the power to help us face anything. It doesn’t matter what tunes the devil plays, God can create melodies out of any situation and He can make things right.

As a kid I was easily afraid of the dark. We can get scared of what we don’t see. When we walk on the path of life and there is a dark place coming up, we get scared. Who knows who is waiting for us in the dark? Who knows what’s waiting for us in the dark? The truth of the Lord is that no matter who is looming in the dark, God is with us. No matter what tomorrow brings, God is with us. No matter how dark things get, God is with you. Friend, you and I don’t have to be afraid of tomorrow. The pandemic that is crippling the world can be very scary but it doesn’t change what God has to say. He is still saying “Don’t be afraid.” God will protect you and bless you. Believe that. Grow your faith in that. Be safe and be cautious and declare that God is with you. Tell yourself that you don’t have to be afraid. You don’t know what tomorrow will bring but the Lord knows what will happen tomorrow and the day after. It’s taken care of. Do not be afraid!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 41:10; Jeremiah 42:11; Hebrews 13:6

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