Rejoicing comes in the morning

Two nights ago I was led to read Psalm 30. I often need to digest what I read in the Word of God and meditate on it. Psalm 30 has been the focus ofmy  meditations since that night. One verse jumped at me and spoke to me. David writes that “weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.” When we are facing adversities and trials, it may seem like we are in the dark. We go through what I call “a night phase.” We get stuck in the night for a while and we can’t wait for the morning to come. During that night phase, nightmares can haunt us and anxiety and fear can visit us. We can also think that the night will last forever. With the Lord it is never the case. Morning always comes. Our nights could be a bit longer from time to time but morning always comes and saves the day. With the morning comes peace and rejoicing. The morning is a symbol of God’s victory over darkness, light winning against darkness. God has a specific time for your morning to come, friend. Don’t get discouraged. You will see the sun again. Your night is temporary but God’s blessings are eternal. The presence of trials never means the absence of God. He is present. He is alive and well and He is working on your situation. Don’t let the night scare you. Don’t let the nightmares dishearten you. 

In the middle of the night, Paul and Silas were delivered from one of the worst situations possible. They had been in jail. They had been arrested, flogged and imprisoned but for them God was still God. They were facing some major tribulations but we have to note that their attitude was amazing. Despite their terrible circumstances, they held on to joy. Despite the adversity, they held on to the Lord. They sang and they rejoiced. They did what most of us would never do in that kind of situation. They knew that even though it was dark and the night didn’t look good, their God was still good. They knew that their praises and their singing would pierce the night and bring light. The light came. They experienced an early morning so to speak. It was midnight and a new day started for them. What happened? As they were singing, the prison doors were opened. A miracle took place. They were delivered. The rejoicing that was in their singing brought an early morning to them. It is a great lesson to learn from. When we are in the middle of the night and all seems lost, let’s focus on the One who sets us free. Let’s bring the morning into our lives with our praises and our positive attitudes. Let’s not dwell on the darkness and the nightmares but let’s keep our eyes on the light of the Lord and the morning.

Rejoicing comes in the morning. We can go through a long night and have a hard time seeing the light but during that dark period we ought to hold on to hope. We should remember that the Lord keeps His promise and the morning will be here eventually. The key is to let that hope direct our steps and walk in the direction of victory. Let’s walk in faith and let’s continue to believe that God has more for us and He is going to give us a new day with lots of rejoicing. David declared that God’s favor lasts for a lifetime and that is why we shouldn’t worry about the dark night. The Lord’s favor will always outshine the darkness. Nothing that happens in this world is stronger than the Lord. The worst nightmares don’t compare to the fulfillment of God’s great dreams. Therefore, we need to keep on dreaming even when the night is oppressing. We need to keep God’s dreams alive and know that they will come to pass. Feel secure, friend and like David proclaim that you will not be shaken. Remember that rejoicing comes in the morning. Stay encouraged. God is always with you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 30:5; Romans 5:3; Romans 15:13

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