Trust the mover of mountains

I have a few friends who have been going through hard times. They have been walking through some deep valleys and facing some major mountains. It feels like every time they are able to climb the mountains, something pushes them back down into the valley. I know how it feels. I am not immune to the valleys and to the mountains. I used to believe that as a Christian I wasn’t supposed to go through hard times and if they happened it was because I had done something wrong. I do not adhere to the gospel of “life is a bed of roses with no problems at all.” I know that that kind of thinking is harmful and it is not biblical. There will be valleys and there will be mountains. Acknowledging that is not a sign of defeat or pessimism. It is being biblically realistic and it should be attached to the truth that despite the valleys and the mountains we can have peace and we will overcome them in the name of Jesus. Jesus can move any mountains. The process can take place when our faith in Him remains strong during those tough times. The Lord is the ultimate mover of mountains. Develop your faith in His ability to move the mountains. Know that your faith can kick start the process and hold on to faith. Stay strong and stay confident. The Lord is not going to let you down and He won’t abandon you. He is about to move your mountains. Rejoice. Keep calm. Don’t be intimidated by the depth of the valleys and the height of the mountains.

Whether you find yourself in deep trouble at the bottom of the valley or you find yourself at the top of a mountain of problems, remember that nothing can separate you from the love of the Lord. He is with you at the bottom and at the top. The top of the mountain can be a location of victory or it can be a place of despair because you have so many tribulations that you can’t get off the mountain. God is not afraid of your mountains. He created the Heavens and the earth. He can deal with your mountains of misery. Like I mentioned earlier, it is a process and we have a role to play. Our faith gets the mountain to move. Our faith in the Lord executes the moving of the mountains. Faith expresses itself through actions and through words. That is very important. We can’t talk about defeat and failure when facing mountains and expect God to act in our favor. We can’t act like it is the end of the world and expect God to fix our world. We can’t make lists of all our problems and keep them in plain view and expect God to give us His recommendations and His lists of solutions. We can’t ignore the issues but magnifying them nullifies our faith. Magnifying the negative diminishes the positive and robs us of hope and faith. Talk to your mountains. Don’t talk about your mountains.

Talk to your mountains about the mover of mountains. Brag on Jesus and His majesty. Magnify Him. Make Him appear to be bigger than the mountains in your mind. That is what He is. He is a giant. A giant of love, mercy and grace and nothing can stand in His way. Focus on that. Nothing, no mountains and no valleys can stop the Lord from entering your situation and changing things for the best. Your faith will help you. Help your faith grow by speaking God’s truth over your situation. Say it out loud when you can. Confront the mountains out loud in the name of Jesus. Tell them how small they are compared to your God. Tell them how powerless they are compared to the Lord. Thank the Lord for moving your mountains. Thank Him in advance and rejoice. Have a mountain moving celebration by exalting Jesus. The enemy will do what he can to make you believe that your mountains will never move. It is a lie. Jesus, the mover of mountains will remove the obstacles, the trials and tribulations and you will walk out free. Stand your ground in Him. Things are going to get better. The mountains are temporary. Great things are coming your way. God will make a way. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 40:4; Matthew 17:20; Mark 11:23-24

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