Pray every chance you get

Yesterday I had some time to kill before an appointment. I had two options; I could have a snack or I could go up to my prayer room and pray. I was hungry. Eating seemed to be the best option but deep down I heard “Spend some one-on-one time with Me.” I knew right there and then that I should pray. I actually felt like my hunger was going to be satisfied if I prayed. I glady went up to my prayer room. I got on my knees and prayed. Being on my knees is not a requirement for me to pray but that was what I felt like doing yesterday. As soon as my knees hit the floor, my spirit hit the ceiling. At least that is how I perceived it. I got very high in the spirit very quickly. My spirit jumped up and down and went into a praise and worship session that kept on going and going. I let my spirit express what was bottled up and prayer was a phenomenal time.

 I could have eaten before leaving the house but I decided to feed my spirit by having a prayer moment that gave Jesus all the glory. My flesh wanted food but my spirit was willing to wait and exalt the Lord first. By the time I was done, food wasn’t on my mind. I left the house with such peace and joy and a zeal like no other. A zeal to keep on praying, which is what I did in the car. This experience was very symbolic. We should pray before we do anything. Not only before we go somewhere but before we go into the day. Any opportunity we have to pray is a great opportunity. There is no need to make it a formal ritual. Prayer is the key to a developed spiritual life. Why not develop it as much as we can? I am inviting you to pray anytime today. Pray every chance you get. You will grow every time you do it.

“Pray without ceasing*.” That verse can appear to be a tall command but it is one of the best advice or recommendations that we can get. Prayer helps us grow and it allows us to break into a sphere of influence where we can sway things in a positive way in the name of Jesus. Prayers change things. Prayers have an impact. Prayers are heard. Prayers bring change. Prayers heal. Prayers bless. Prayers set free. Prayers help. We will never go wrong when we choose to pray. A prayer is like the ultimate phone call. There is Someone amazingly loving on the other end of the line. God is always listening when we pray. Once we believe that, our prayers take on a powerful meaning. We realize that our words are not uttered in vain and we have the confidence that the words we say to God will not come back to us empty. As a matter of fact, the Lord says that His words are never empty and they are filled with power. 

The Lord shows us how to pray in His Word. Why not use His words when we pray? I know that using words from the Bible verbatim helps many people when they pray. I have to add that praying with the help of the Holy Spirit is amazing. It takes faith and it takes boldness. Bold prayers in the name of Jesus are strong prayers. The key is to know without a doubt that the Spirit of God is inspiring us and giving us the words to say. It used to take me some time to get to a place where I would flow with the Holy Spirit. My secret was to get there by entering the gates of the Lord with praise and worship. Those two powerful expressions of gratitude just brought the presence of the Lord and then the words would just flow during prayer time.

I have learned to pray under my breath and to pray in my head. It took me a while to understand that the prayers said inside were as valid as the prayers said out loud. I once heard someone say that prayer was a game changer. I couldn’t agree more. It changes the game that the enemy plays with your mind and in your mind. When crazy thoughts come to you, pray. Pray the craziness away. Pray against the negativity. Let your words of prayer be louder than the words of doubt and worry. Pray and let your mind hear your prayers. Get used to praying on the inside. Get used to changing the game when the enemy comes at you with his tricks and his schemes. Pray every chance you get. 

Pray about anything and everything. Pray and stay strong in your prayers. Pray knowing that the Lord is hearing you and acting on your behalf. Pray with faith. Pray trusting that God will make things come to pass. Pray with a goal in mind. Let that goal be to honor God with your prayers. Prayer is about God. It’s a chance to talk to Him and to listen to Him. Make time for God when you pray. Mute the requests and amplify the sound of His voice. Be quiet when you pray and pay attention. The Lord has a lot to say and what He says is always uplifting, comforting, encouraging and full of love. Pray every chance you get!

Suggested reading: 1 Chronicles 16:11; *1 Thessalonians 5:16-18; 1 John 5:14

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