Stay calm and know that He is God

I have recently started having a different type of prayer session. I call those sessions prayers of peace. They are prayers that focus on being calm and on embracing the Lord’s serenity and peace. I go into my prayer room and I say nothing. I just focus on Jesus. I have my eyes closed but my spiritual eyes are wide open. I sit there in awe. In awe of who the Lord is. I marvel at His goodness and His kindness. I don’t say a word but I let His words do all the talking. I let words from the Bible swirl around in my head and land on my heart. They wrap their hands of comfort around my mind and make me feel at peace. All I want in those moments is to absorb the peace of the Lord. If I get distracted, I focus my attention on something simple like my breathing or my pulse. It helps me slow down and go back to the basics. Breathing is very basic and when you think about it, it is an immense blessing. It represents life and it represents the Lord’s breath in our lungs. We are blessed to be breathing but we forget about how wonderful it is because it is so natural. The prayers of peace are not about breathing but about slowing down and being grateful for the little things that are truly a big deal taken for granted. The goal of those prayers is also to get filled up with the Lord’s peace like I mentioned before. Today I want to encourage you to stay calm and remember that He is God. Slow down and take the time to swim in the peace of the Lord away from the shores of chaos and confusion.

Life can be very confusing and chaotic. If we let ourselves be overwhelmed by the disarray and the uncertainty, peace will go out the window in a jiffy. Have you noticed how there are levels of peace? I have “little peace” most of the time and when I am taken up by “big peace”, also known as God’s peace, I feel like I have climbed many steps and I am getting closer to the top where serenity reigns and calmness is king. God’s peace is miles away from our human peace and it is powerfully amazing. The author of peace knows how to give us peace. I had not experienced His peace until later on in my Christian life and I have to say that there is nothing like it. I would rather stay in His peace than have a mansion and ten cars. It sounds funny but it is so true because His peace is everything. It is freedom from disturbance, from chaos, from confusion, from frustration, from fear and from worry. God’s peace can help you face anything in life. That is the major difference between our human peace and His. Our peace often relies on circumstances and when things go wrong, that peace is gone. God’s peace doesn’t care what is going on, it stays the same and it stays strong and steadfast. Find His peace. Ask Him for it. Don’t settle for second best. Go to the Father and receive the peace that surpasses all understanding.

When I have those peace prayer moments, I get into a realm where the impossible is possible. I have a lot of hope and I am confident that God will come through. I needed those prayers. I needed to find a way to connect with God’s peace in the middle of trials and tribulations. When we can’t be calm, we can’t think straight and we can’t hear God well. We forget all the good lessons we have learned and we can’t think of any scriptures that give us encouragement and peace. When you keep your mind on the Lord, He keeps you in perfect peace. Engage in moments of peace by keeping your eyes on Jesus. He said Himself that He leaves us peace and that He gives us peace not the way the world gives us peace. His peace can mess with your mind because it feels so supernatural. You can’t comprehend it and you can’t understand it. God  allows you to stay calm in the most troubled times thanks to His peace. Seek His face. Seek His peace. Stay calm and know that He is God. His peace is truly out of this world. There is an abundance of it available for you today!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 26:3;  Psalm 37:11; John 14:27

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