Exploring God every day

It is just amazing to be in a relationship with the Lord. Would you agree that it is breathtaking? Who He is and what He does are mind-blowing to me. I have found that He always does something that surprises me, that energizes me and that gets me all excited. The excitement that comes from this relationship is just absolutely fabulous. I can’t believe that I lived my life without the Lord. I wasn’t breathing. I wasn’t living. I was just going through the motions pretending to have a life when I had what I call a pale imitation of reality. There is the world’s reality and the Lord’s reality. His reality is more real. It is infused with the essence of life and the substance of love. I don’t think my heart was beating well  before Jesus. I don’t think I had a clue what true love meant before Jesus. I had a great loving relationship with my family. I can’t deny that. They have been a tremendous blessing and God added into the family mix has amplified what love is. 

Love gives you a reason to get up in the morning and the strength to face the day every day. God’s love does that for me all the time. I am not on cloud 9 but I am on cloud 99 because the Lord takes everything to a higher level. Do I ever fall off the cloud? I surely do and the Lord catches me. He is my safety net so when I fall, He is right below me. When I was given the great privilege  to know Jesus and to accept Him into my heart, everything changed for the best. It did take me a while to do what I call a “God exploration”. I started exploring God in more recent years and that exploration has yielded so much joy, so much peace and a great transformation.

Today I want to encourage you to explore God. Explore Him in His Word. Explore Him during prayer. Explore Him throughout the day. Explore Him in your thoughts. Explore Him in your heart. Explore Him beyond your feelings and your preconceived notions. Explore Him through His Spirit. When Jesus was on earth, He always took the time to be alone with the Father. Those one-on-one times were extremely precious and valuable. If Jesus needed time with the Father we certainly do as well. Exploring the Lord starts with giving Him our time and energy. Before explorers set on a journey, they take the time to do research and to investigate what they are looking for. Exploring God involves doing our own research and investigation. However, it should be done for ourselves. 

We need to go to the source and find out what Jesus is all about for ourselves. Having some time alone with Him can get us there. What does He say during prayer time? What does He reveal during Bible study? We ought to develop this time with God away from the world so we can hear His heartbeat, so we can see His face and so we can share His mind. The heartbeat of God resounds with a deep love that is above any human love. I aspire to know God’s love more every day. His love is revealed in His Word and I want to live it out and experience it. I get beautiful glimpses of His love when I let Him be God and when my faith is bigger than my fears. That is when I can trust Him to be the faithful God that He is and His love gets loud.

I am a curious person by nature so exploring God is captivating to me. One thing I find very fascinating is that when I ask the Lord to unveil who He is and to let me know more about Himself, He does it in a big way. God wants you and me to get closer and closer to Him. In order to know Him better, we have to find out what He is like. His Word is alive and it describes Him accurately. Now, take this accurate description and blend it with the author of the Book of Life and you get a perfect picture of the Savior. The Author, the Holy Spirit, praises Jesus, lifts Him up and refers to Him all the time. When we explore God, we learn about His Son. We get attached to the Son of Man because He is so loving and His love is contagious. 

I got the “Jesus bug” a while back and I don’t want to get rid of it. His contagious joy and peace can be transferred to others. It is incredible that we have a God who allows us to imitate Him and to be more like Him so that the world can see Him through our words and actions. I am in love with a God whose love saved me and whose love reaches out to the world so the world might be saved. I will continue to explore Him. The better I know Him, the better I can represent Him. The better I know Him, the better I know myself. I find my identity in Him and I am thrilled that my quest to know Him more will never be satisfied but it will always bring me more and more joy. Explore the Lord for yourself and you will see that there is truly no one like Him!

Suggested reading: John 1:1; Hebrews 4:12; 2 Peter 3:18

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