Nothing is impossible with God

I imagine you might be thinking that some things are just impossible. It is impossible for you to accomplish certain things and it is impossible for some things to happen in your life. I know I was there for a very long time. I used to think that some things were only meant for other people. I used to compare myself to others. I think it is a default setting that most of us have. It made my life miserable. I just felt inferior. I felt like a failure and I felt like life could not get any better. It was as if there were a wall that prevented me from getting blessings and from getting what others had naturally. I couldn’t get past that wall and I was in a prison. There was no door in that wall. That wall was insurmountable. Then I found the Lord and the wall came down. When I was first introduced to Jesus, I was introduced to the world of possibilities that is on the other side of the wall of impossibilities. Jesus was the answer to all my problems and he still is the answer today. To Him nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible and I had never met anyone like Him. He is the God of the impossible. He can truly do all things. The One who rose from the dead can do anything. Let that sink in. Your God, your Savior has the ability to do the impossible. Nothing can stop Him. Today I want to encourage you to trust in the God who can do the impossible and who can help you accomplish what seems impossible to you.

Jesus once said “With men it is impossible but with God everything is possible.” We have our limitations. We have our walls. Some new walls show up daily. Some walls have been there for a while. Some walls pop in and out of our lives. God is constant and His power to do the impossible never fails. The walls in our lives are not walls for Him. Let me say this again. The walls in our lives are not walls for the Lord. He is way above the highest walls you will ever face. He is so big that the walls are tiny compared to Him. Today you should be talking to the walls of limitations in your life. Talk to them in the name of Jesus. Tell them that with God nothing is impossible. Talk about the Cross. Talk about the blood of Jesus. Talk about the power of His resurrection. Talk about His ability and His power to do exceedingly more than you expect. Talk about Jesus to your walls. Don’t be silent. Don’t be passive. Be aggressive with the message of the Gospel. The message is that God loves you, His Son died for you and He came to set you free. You are getting free from those walls and you are about to get a breakthrough. The impossible is about to permeate your life and things are going to turn around. God says that nothing is impossible to Him and you believe it, you proclaim it and you are living it!

Good things can happen to you. Good things will happen to you in Jesus’ name. Open your mind to God’s possibilities and ignore the world’s impossibilities. Build your faith up in the impossible. Be open to God’s breakthroughs and to His love for you that can do anything. You might have had bad seasons and maybe you are in one now but know that the Lord can change your winter into a summer day in no time. He has no problem turning your world upside down for the best. The enemy is saying that now should be your time to suffer but the Lord is saying that His time to bless you is now and anything can happen. With Him “anything can happen” means that good things, surprisingly good things can take place in your life. You should also keep in mind that the voice that is telling you that everything is impossible, is a liar. There are many voices in our heads that are liars but we are so used to them that we trust them. Don’t trust the lies. Trust the Word of God that declares that the impossible is God’s forte. He specializes in the impossible. Read His Word and get inspired. Pray for the impossible and see what God does in your life. With Jesus the negative wall came down. Don’t live your life as if that wall still had power over your circumstances. It is gone. It came down with the Cross. Don’t put it back where it doesn’t belong. Let your faith keep it down and rejoice over the Lord’s goodness. Nothing is impossible withGod!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 32:17; mark 10:27; Luke 18:27

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