10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 151)

Don’t decline God’s offer to help. Take Him at His word. Trust what He has to say and what He says He will do. Take Him up on His offer to bless you, to love you and to protect you!

The heart of hope is beating in the chest of the fervent believer. The one who refuses to give up and to give in to fear. His heart is beating to the rhythm of faith and it won’t miss a beat even when the going gets tough. Jesus is at the center of his heart!

The Word of God is a light into our feet. It shows the way to a place where there is no way. It removes darkness and it keeps us on a path of hope, love and peace. Use the Word of hope day and night especially in your darkest moments.

Don’t put anyone in the center of your life except for Jesus. Whoever you put at the center will dominate your mind, your spirit and your heart. Jesus should be ruling over your life.

God’s Yes is more powerful than the world’s No. Say Yes to the Lord’s Yes and don’t take the world’s No for the only answer to your questions about making it and getting out of a mess. Yes, you will make it and yes, you will get out of the mess in Jesus’ name!

God is a fortress, a stronghold, a refuge. Let Him be your protection. Let His Word be the stronghold that keeps your mind sane. Let His love be the fortress that shields you. Let His arms be the refuge that holds you.

Every time you knock on the Lord’s door, He hears you. He is not ignoring the knock. He is not hiding inside away from you. He heard you knock before you approached Him. His door is wide open. Trust that He is letting you in!

Peace of mind is more precious than gold. The Lord has a peace that will always put your mind at rest. His peace will overtake your understanding and overthrow your overthinking.

Stand on God’s love. Make it your foundation. Make it your basis for life. Build your house on it. Build your thoughts on it. Build your words on it. Strengthen your heart through it. Stand on God’s love even when hate is trying to walk all over you.

Expect good things. Expect great things. Expect “God things.” Expect the impossible. Expect that with God anything is possible. Expect that great things and “God things” are possible because of the King of the impossible!

Suggested reading: Matthew 7:11; Ephesians 3:20; James 1:17

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