A prayer inspired by the Holy Spirit

I feel so honored to know the Holy Spirit and I am very grateful for Him. He is a gift from the Lord. Jesus gave us an amazing gift that we can’t stop unwrapping. Every day He does something new. Every day He brings Jesus to the forefront. Every day He pours love, joy and peace into our lives. Every day with the Holy Spirit is the best day ever. What a blessing! What a gift indeed! Yesterday morning when I was praying I was led by the Spirit to pray for certain situations around me and in the world. The visions and the images He gave me were very powerful and they came to me very fast. I saw people in a shipwreck being pulled out of the water by a strong hand. The hand of the Lord was saving them. It was one hand that was doing all the work and that hand was enough. I saw people drowning and God was rescuing them with His hand. People grabbed on to Him and were saved. Some people ignored the hand because they were more focused on the ocean and the drowning. The Holy Spirit gently spoke to my heart and said “All people deserve prayers. Even those who ignore me or those who don’t know Me.”

When you get that message, how can you not be on fire for a long prayer session? The fire in me was on and I prayed for people to be rescued from the wreck and from themselves. Sometimes we are our biggest enemies. Sometimes we can’t blame others or our circumstances. Sometimes we need saving from ourselves. We need saving from our minds and from our emotions. We need saving from our characters, from our ideologies and from traits such as stubbornness. We stand in front of the wall of stubbornness and tearing it down is an emergency. God can assist with anything and He can give us the sledgehammer that will help us destroy that wall. His love is a hammer that can bring down the biggest strongholds. Working on removing whatever is keeping us from grabbing the Lord’s hand is crucial. We need some introspection and it comes when we surrender to the Holy Spirit. He is a perfect gentleman who can show us the way out of any mess, any problem and any trial. Surrendering is always key. When we do, we give Him free reign to get us to a platform of freedom from which we can operate and function much better.

My prayer was for the people around me, for everyone I have ever met, people I will meet in my life and people I will never meet. It sounds detailed and specific and I believe the Holy Spirit is very specific. It was beautiful to see so many people being pulled out of that dark ocean. They were screaming out of joy. I loved that vision and it has encouraged me to continue to pray for God’s rescue missions in the seas of perdition and chaos. The last person I prayed for was me. I ,just like anyone else, need saving. Saving from myself and saving from my mind. I thank the Lord for opening my eyes to that kind of prayer for myself as well. I am not above anyone and I have weaknesses and shortcomings just like anyone else but the good news is that Jesus died for our sins and weaknesses and we can always find redemption in Him and salvation. This holiday season is a good excuse to pray for the world. Any day of the year is a good time to pray for others but if there is one gift we should give right now, it’s the gift of prayer. I want to encourage you to join in the prayers for salvation and for deliverance. Think about the people you have met in your life and those you will meet. Pray for them all. Pray for the people you don’t know. Give in to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and keep praying. You never know who God will rescue and you never know who will turn to Him. Don’t underestimate the power of your prayers because when you pray in Jesus’ name, the impossible becomes possible!

Suggested reading: John 3:16; Acts 2:21; Ephesians 2:8-9

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