In the name of Jesus

There is a name that I can’t ignore. A name that I am putting above all names. A name that means life, truth and a way through the worst situations. A name that makes things possible. A name that is synonymous with love, peace and joy. A name that defeats the enemy. A name that gives hope when everything seems lost. That name is the name of Jesus. I use His name when I pray and I use it in everything I do. I have to explain that as a young Christian, the name of Jesus was the name that ended my prayers. It is still the case today but what I have discovered through the years is that the name of Jesus is not just a signature at the end of a list of requests. It is a seal. It seals my prayers and it says that “so be it” and it doesn’t matter what the enemy says. The name of Jesus is life and I use it to push life into the most desperate and dead situations. I use the name of Jesus when the enemy names my circumstances and gives them a bad label. The enemy has all sorts of names to describe what happens to us. He puts trials in our lives and tough situations in the name of torture and in the name of persecution. He tortures our spirits and persecutes our faith but the name of Jesus sets the record straight. In His name I have victory. In His name I have authority. In His name I have peace and love. In His name joy is my strength. How often do you speak the name of Jesus? How much faith do you have in the name of Jesus? It is time we proclaimed His name again. It is time we kept our hope in His name. It is time we renamed our circumstances by giving Jesus the right to rewrite our narratives and to shine with all His glory in our lives.

Jesus declared Himself that He was the way, the truth and the life and that no one can get to the Father except through Him. His name gives us access to the Father. I pray in the name of Jesus because as a kid I knew that His name would get the attention of the Father. I knew that His name opened doors and if I tried to pray in the name of saints or entities that were under Him, nothing could be accomplished. Calling on the name of entities was like blowing air. It didn’t do anything. I needed the name that comes with the wind. The name that provides the wind of change. The name that can move mountains and that can part the seas. The name of Jesus can do all that and more. His name is always sufficient. His name is always powerful. His name is always glorious. Develop your faith in the name of Jesus. Call on His name. It is never in vain. If you need your life to change, pray in the name of Jesus. Pray in the name of the One who is life and who can influence your life for the better. Pray in the name of the One who is the truth and who can beat the world’s lies. The name of Jesus is stronger than the lies of the enemy. Don’t buy the lies. Accept the truth for free. Pray in the name of the One who makes a way when there is no way. Jesus’ name will bring rivers into your deserts and sunshine on your cloudiest days. There is nothing that Jesus can’t do. Trust Him. Pray in His name. Things will change.

There is salvation in Jesus and His name contains the power of salvation. His name can bring life back into your life. When you are numb from sorrow, paralyzed by fear and crippled by worry, His name can set you free. The name of Jesus can set you free from bondage and oppression. Speak against the adversity in the name of Jesus. Put the enemy back in his place with the name of Jesus. Resist the devil in the name of Jesus and he will flee. The Bible promises that anyone who calls on the name of Jesus will be free. Your current trials and tribulations might be keeping you in a mental jail but the name of Jesus will set you free. His name is the key that opens any prison door. Take the key and unlock the cells in your life. Don’t let the enemy keep you captive. Jesus’ name is freedom. Deliverance is on the way. Call on the name that makes a way. Whatever you ask in the name of Jesus, the Father will do. As long as it is in line with His will, you can expect God to intervene. If you are not using the name of Jesus, please start today. If you say His name with boldness every day, please continue. Stay strong and stand your ground in Jesus’ name. Great things happen when we call on His name!

Suggested reading: John 14:13; Acts 4;12; Romans 10:13

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