Find your rest in the Lord

It has been a long year. It has been a trying year. It has been a year like no other. I would not have made it this year if it weren’t for the Lord. Every time things got complicated, He made them uncomplicated. Every time fear was trying to take over, His presence removed the stress and the anxiety. That happened when I put my trust in Him. When I relied on Him and found my rest in Him, that is when things got better. There were times when I was exhausted physically and emotionally but I found peace in Him. I found rest in the Lord. I found a different pace. Different from the hustle and bustle of the workday. Different from the frantic pace of the world. Every day I find peace in the Lord. I start my day with Him and I end it with Him. I have amazing moments with Him in between. He is my refuge, my fortress and my place of rest. Where do you find your rest? Where do you find peace when you need it? The Lord said “Come to Me you that are weary.” We are the weary ones. We can’t escape from being tired and being out of energy. We can recharge our batteries through naps but our spiritual energy needs more than physical rest. It needs to have this great connection with the Lord. Through that connection we can find spiritual rest. Today I want to encourage you to find rest in the Lord. I want to remind you that you can always go to Him to find peace. Go to Him every day. Establish a daily routine where you take spiritual naps as you seek His face.

I love napping but I rarely do it. Naps can be rejuvenating. If I take a nap, it is a very short nap and the reason I take a nap is usually so I can be more focused in prayer. Needing a nap to me obviously means that I am tired and I need a break and when I am tired, I am not good at being alert during prayer time. Prayer is extremely important to me so I do what it takes to be able to spend time in prayer effectively. When I found out about resting in the Lord, it made my prayer life better. It took the pressure off. I didn’t have to have perfect prayers. Our prayers to God are always good as long as they come from the heart. We don’t need to be eloquent. We don’t even need to know what to pray as long as our hearts are in prayer mode. God knows what we need and what we want to say before we say it. We need to develop a praying spirit and to humble ourselves before Him. All He wants is a heart that burns for Him. He can read our hearts and He can read every prayer written in the depth of our souls. Prayer is communicating with God, opening up to Him and being receptive to what He has to say. Now, if I am well rested, my prayers flow. Not only do the words come easily but my spiritual ears can hear better. Rest is crucial. It is primordial for our bodies, minds, souls and spirits. When we are tired we get cranky easily and our emotions are all over the place. When we are tired our bodies can’t do much. When we are tired, our spirits can’t connect with God as well. Rest so you can talk to God and hear from God. That is a very good reason to make resting a daily priority.

Do I ever pray when I am tired? Absolutely. I have learned to rest in the Lord when I am tired during prayer time. I tell Him that I am all ears and that I am open to whatever He has to say. I tell them that the floor is open and He can tell me whatever I need to hear. I tell Him that I need rest and that I find rest in Him. I thank Him for His open arms. I thank Him for His loving presence. I thank Him for rest. God can give you all the rest you need and rebuild your zeal for Him and your joy. Being tired is rarely coupled with joy but there is a joy that defies fatigue and it is found in the Lord. He said “Ask and you shall receive.” Asking for rest is one thing we can do and we can expect Him to deliver the rest that we need. God can line up events and situations that will help us rest. If you are tired today, ask the Lord for rest. He will welcome you and give you peace like never before. Find your rest in the Lord. Trust Him. He will give you what you need.

Suggested reading: Psalm 55:6; Matthew 11:28-30;  Mark 6:31

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