It will happen anyway

I thank God for the amazing covenant we have with Him. Jesus being our Savior is the best thing that can ever happen. He makes this covenant with God possible. In His covenant the Lord promised to bless us and He has a plan for us. When we trust Him, His plan can take place. When we follow our own will and we turn away from Him, we can diminish His perfect plan for us. Many times the Lord has told me to turn left but I felt like turning right was safer and I have found myself with my back against the wall. I have found myself trapped. If I had listened to the Lord’s direction I would have found freedom. Our will can be very strong and that is a problem we need to deal with all the time. A strong will doesn’t necessarily mean that we are strongly led by the Holy Spirit. When we make His will our will, things change for the best. I have seen that there are events that God plans for us and that nothing can alter. 

Those events are like milestones in our lives that will take place no matter what. They fall under God’s grace and mercy. One of the main events is our salvation. It is God’s will for us to get saved and when we find Him we are not saved yet so it happens by His love, grace and mercy. Some people say that God can’t bless non-believers. I disagree with them. When we got saved we were non-believers who were blessed. Getting saved is the greatest miracle. God can intervene in anyone’s life whether the person is saved or not. God has milestones in our lives and they can happen when He says it’s time. Expect blessings. Expect more milestones. You don’t have to know what they are. Just have faith and keep your hopes up knowing that God’s blessings can take place any time.

You might be thinking that good things are gone and that they will never come back. Is the Lord gone from your life? Is He never going to come back? He is not gone and He is not leaving. Blessings are coming anytime now. Your life might not be where you want it to be. You might not be where you want to be spiritually. You might think that your sins are digging a hole between you and the Lord. Stop that. Pray about it. Repent. No one is perfect but the blood of the Lamb covers our sins. You are not being blessed based on your performance. It is your faith that gets the job done. It is your covenant with God that gives you access to His blessings. If the devil is whispering in your ears and telling you that good things won’t happen, shut him up. Tell him that in Jesus’s name great things are coming. Your next milestone will happen anyway despite the enemy. It will happen because of the Lord. Remind the enemy of your covenant with the Lord. Remind yourself of that covenant as well.

You can’t control what the Lord wants to do in your life. It will happen anyway. It is written in the book of Life and it will take place. I like to refer to how when Jesus was a baby, no one could stop Him from staying alive and from saving the world. King Herod tried to kill all the infants thinking that he could get rid of Jesus but no one and nothing could prevent the Savior from accomplishing what He had come to do. Herod did horrible things but God’s plan happened anyway. The enemy has done horrible things in your life but God’s plan will happen anyway. Today I want to remind you to keep trusting God. You have seen nothing yet. He has great plans for your life that will happen no matter what. It doesn’t matter how your body feels or what your mind says. It will happen anyway in Jesus’ name!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 1:5; Jeremiah 29:11; Ephesians 2:8-9

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