Create great things with God

I had an interesting dream a few days ago. I was making a gingerbread house and every time I was close to finishing the house, it collapsed. I would be ready to put the roof on top and the whole house would fall apart. I kept doing it. I kept trying and all of a sudden it worked. It reminded me that when we try to build something, we have to keep trying. We can’t get discouraged. It might not work out the first, the second, the third time but if we persevere, we will be able to build something solid. I know that I have tried to create things on my own and they have come apart before I was even able to put the whole plan together. I always forgot the most important piece of the puzzle; God has to be part of it. 

The Lord is the mason, the architect, the builder and the visionary. I should always rely on Him when I try to create something. I have to be very creative in my job and for the past few months, God’s inspiration has helped me create great lesson plans and activities. Sometimes His inspiration comes during prayer time. I used to ignore it thinking it was something that was trying to distract me when in reality it was the Spirit leading me. We all need to create every day. It might not be a lesson or an activity but we are creators all the time. We have to create a plan for the day or for the week. We have to create what we are going to say and what we are going to do on any given day. We constantly create because we are made in the image of the creator. We have to remember that our faith creates and our fears destroy.

Today I want to encourage you to let your faith create. Give it the chance to do something great. Faith is inspired by God the creator. It is our faith that can build our future. Our faith can create a solid foundation and a solid structure that the wind of doubt can’t bring down. Be the creator the Lord meant for you to be. Speak things into existence when you give your faith a voice. God spoke and the world was created. Speak blessings, healing, freedom, joy, peace and love into your life. Your faith can heal. Jesus said “Your faith healed you” to those who came to Him. Your faith can heal your most terrible circumstances and it can create blessings..

 Your faith can open the door to blessings that are bigger than your imagination. Dream God-sized dreams. A good dreamer is a good creator. Run with the dreams the Lord has put in your heart. When I read my Bible, I get very inspired and very excited about the endless possibilities. I start dreaming of things that the Lord wants for me and for the people I pray for. I dream every day and I enjoy the visions and the messages attached to those dreams. Create and build a world based on the dreams the Lord is giving you. Ask Him to open your eyes to the dreams. Renew your mind. Delete the nightmares and replace old thinking habits with God’ thinking.

Use God as your foundation when you create. Find what the Word has to say. For instance, the Word tells us not to rely on our understanding but to trust the Lord. Our understanding can give us small dreams or big dreams that are not God-centered. You can create amazing things when Jesus is at the center of your creation. Ask Him for help. Ask His Spirit for ideas and inspiration. Once you have those dreams, write them down. Pray about them. Thank the Lord for them and rejoice over them. Seal everything with faith and that is how you will be creating great things. That is when blessings will come and your creation will materialize. Create spiritual strongholds in your life by speaking about how the Holy Spirit is your coach and your counselor. Thank the Lord for His wisdom and His guidance. Speak about them and bring them into your life. Create space for God’s direction and it will lead you to a house of knowledge on top of a hill of hope. 

Create with God. Don’t be your own mason. Give God permission to help and to teach you. He wants you to seek the kingdom and you can do that by praying for others for example. God will help you create prayers that will manifest blessings into people’s lives. You have the Creator of the universe in you and with Him you can create beautiful things. Spiritual things and physical things. God can inspire you in your work, in your relationships, in your workouts, in your cooking, in your story-telling, in raising your kids. Invite Him into every part of your life and phenomenal creations will ensue. Don’t get discouraged if things fall apart. Keep at it. You will get there with God. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Psalm 19:1; Proverbs 3:5-6; Colossians 1:16

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