God says “Do not be afraid”

“Do not be afraid” is easier said than done. Yet God tells us not to be afraid hundreds of times in His Word. It is a recommendation, a command, an encouragement. When you are tuned to His Spirit, you can hear that encouragement on a daily basis. God’s Spirit speaks His Word into our hearts and minds and He reminds us of what the Lord has to say. If you are facing difficulties and worries are all over your mind, listen to the daily encouragement of the Lord. The worries might be gigantic but God’s encouragement is bigger than anything that is worrying you today. Why? Well, it is coming from God who can turn anything around. He is not telling us we shouldn’t be afraid because we have a special human gift against fear. He is telling us because we have Him and His protection and care are out of this world. “Do not be afraid,” to Him means “Don’t worry because I am taking care of you.” He is there to help you and to shield you. Take a stand against fear on a daily basis. Fear is a chatterbox and you need to silence it with faith. Faith is the opposite of fear but it is also very chatty if you let it have its way.

We get scared when we believe we can’t get out of a bad situation or when we think bad things will happen. Our minds get busy creating scenarios and dreadful outcomes. Overthinking is the fuel of fear. Peace of mind is the result of faith. God wants us to go from overthinking to peace of mind. He doesn’t wish for anyone to be tortured by negative thoughts. Those thoughts turn into strongholds that are hard to remove. How do you combat the fuel of fear? By replacing those thoughts with God’s words. It sounds simple and hard at the same time. We have to start there and we have to do something about it. We can’t conquer fear if we passively hope that it will go away. It is like a bad seed that needs to be taken out or sometimes it is a tree that needs to be uprooted. No matter the size of our fears they have to be dealt with because they mess up with our faith. When I feel anxiety creeping in, I turn to the Lord. I go to some passages in the Bible that give me hope again. I speak them to myself and I give them the voice that they need to interfere with the fear. That is what I suggest you do. Interfere with fear by injecting words of hope into your belief system. Let your faith rise and destroy your fears.

Jesus said that He left us perfect peace. I use His words to diminish the impact of fear on my mind. I declare that Jesus put perfect peace in me and that it is there to help me. I thank Him that I have peace. I praise Him for His peace. I put peace at the forefront so that fear takes a backseat. I tell the Lord that His peace is stronger than fear and bigger than the enemy. I have to say it over and over again and it always pays off. Before I know it, the peace of the Lord is present and it is powerfully manifested. I also say that greater is the Lord that is in me than the enemy that is in this world. Greater is the faith that is in me than the fear that is in this world. I rebuke fear and I reject it. I don’t give it an audience. I get myself spiritually distracted by diving into praise and worship sessions and prayer. I do whatever the Spirit shows me to do to stop focusing on the negative. He often leads me to help others and to focus on what I can do for other people. I also ask for God’s comfort and it always comes. God has many ways to comfort us and to encourage us. Ask and you shall receive. Ask Him to give you the strength to not be afraid and He will give it to you. Fear not, friend. The Lord has you in the palm of His hand and He is handling your situation. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Psalm 56:3; Proverbs 12:25; John 14:27

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