The year of worship

For a long time I have started every new year with some predictions for myself or with a theme for the year. I have called past years the year of breakthrough, the year of transformation, the year of growth. Most of the themes have been about me but recently the Lord showed me that  I needed to take a different direction and declare the year as a consecration to Him. The theme I would choose would have to be something that I would be doing for Him and through Him. He had to be the center of the theme. When I was praying a few days ago it was clear that I should be calling 2021 the year of worship. This new year should be all about Jesus. You might say that every year should be about Him. I agree and I am seeing this year as the start of a new trend. 

Jesus is going to be very trendy and go viral because when we worship Him and honor Him, we want everyone to know Him. He is so good and so amazing. There is no way we can keep such an incredible Lord to ourselves.The year of worship is the year of Jesus being exalted in all we do and say. It is the year when we surrender and we put Him first. I am very excited about 2021 and not because of what might happen to me but because of what I know can happen through me as I worship the Lord. The goal for 2021 is for me to diminish so He can increase. I am not making this year about myself, about what I can gain and what I can accomplish unless it is for His glory. I am inviting you today to join me in the year of worship. Dedicate 2021 to Jesus and you will see what He will do for you as you start seeing His face better.

We were made to worship the Lord. Somehow our purpose has been lost in translation. We think that we were made so God can bless us. He will bless us and He loves being with us. He adores each and every one of us but we are supposed to lift Him up and make Him the reason why we are here. He is the reason. His sacrifice on the cross is the ultimate sacrifice. A free gift to the world that came at a high cost and yet the Father paid it in full so that whoever believes in Jesus would have eternal life. That is reason enough to worship Him. Not just in words or with our singing but with our lives. Worship goes beyond tunes and voices. Those are a major part of it but our lives are instruments of worship as well. 

The year of worship is the year when we let ourselves be used by God, when we seek His face, when we honor Him and when we adore Him. It is a year of dedication and a year of learning. Learning about Jesus and wanting to make Him known. I like to think that it is the year when we say “Lord, You are in charge. I dedicate my life to You. Do whatever You want. Teach me what You want. This year is Yours.” Those words speak to the feelings of reverence and adoration we should continually have for the Lord. I used to be a fan of certain singers and bands and my reverence for them was too big. They were idols even though I didn’t think they were. No human being should come before the Lord, not even our families and friends. Worship means adoration and that level of love should only be directed to the Lord.

How will we be a vessel of worship to the Lord in 2021? I believe there are many ways we can do that and some ways are just specific to us. One thing I know is that excellence in service to the Lord comes from trying and doing our best. No one is perfect and we can’t be perfect servants but God sees our hearts and wanting it and trying to do it are a great start. We can worship the Lord with our best effort to imitate Him and to listen to His Spirit. Worship doesn’t happen without the Holy Spirit. He is the One who connects us to Jesus. He is the connector and we need Him to make contact with the Lord. Let’s be sure that we don’t ignore the Holy Spirit in 2021. Let’s include Him in all we do. He can lead us into great worship by telling us what we should do and how we can honor the Lord better.

 The Word of God is a fantastic guide when it comes to worship and studying it more should be one of our goals in 2021. I also encourage you to continue to sing and worship the Lord in the privacy of your home. Have worship sessions. Lift up your voice and sing about Him. New songs will come to you when you do it with the Holy Spirit’s assistance. Your life is also a song that can glorify the Lord or that can reject Him. Be sure to keep the tune of worship and dedication going. Be sure to give Jesus the best of you. Worship Him by talking to the world about Him. Brag on Him. Praise Him. Make Him famous in your own way. Stay true to who you are by giving Him permission to define who you are in Him. Remember it should be all about Him so celebrate Him and exalt Him all year! The year of worship will be your best year yet!

Suggested reading: Psalm 95:6;Luke 4:8; Hebrews 13:15

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