Knowing Jesus personally

I enjoy reading the Bible and learning more about the Lord and all the people in the Word of God. There are many mysteries through the scriptures that I don’t understand. I think that cultural context helps shed light on some of those obscure passages. I also do believe that some things are just not meant for us to understand. My prayer is that I get to know what the Lord wants me to know. Nothing more and nothing less. I don’t want to miss out on the whispers of His Spirit while reading His Word. Have you noticed that you can read verses many times and get something totally different every time? I know that for me it has to do with my disposition, how receptive I am that day, how many filters I have in place, how tired I am. The one thing that matters when reading the Word and taking a look into the Lord’s heart is His Spirit. The Holy Spirit interprets for us, translates for us and clarifies for us. Without Him we can’t know God. As much as I love God’s Word I very much adore getting to know Jesus on a personal leve thanks to His Spirit. He is becoming more and more personal as time goes on. That is the Jesus I long to know better. My personal Jesus. He is personal with every one of us. Today I want to encourage you to see Jesus for who He is; the personal Lord who cares for you as if you were the only person in the world.

A while ago I told the Lord that I was very much interested in getting to know Jesus. I wanted to be friends with Him, hear Him and see Him. Now, I wasn’t expecting to see Him show up in my bedroom. As amazing as it would be, I think it would be pretty intimidating at the same time and God knows my little heart is not ready for that. Hearing Him and seeing Him meant that I wanted to get so close that there would be no barriers, no interference between Him and me. I wanted to have distractions removed. I knew there was a way to get closer and to have a more personal relationship with Him. I had seen it before and I loved what I saw. I knew a man who always talked about Jesus as if they were buddies and they were. You could see that He always had Jesus on His mind and the presence of the Lord was around that man. He would walk into a room and you could detect that there was something different about him. What was His secret? He had one on one sessions with the Lord. No one was allowed to disturb Him during those times. He prioritized His time and every spare minute He had, He spent it with Jesus. He inspired me to address Jesus directly. I stopped going through different channels to get to the Lord. Sometimes we rely so much on specific prayers that we build them up and we depend on them to help us connect with God. Prayers are important and powerful but they are not more important than the One we pray to.

I used to focus too much on the words I said when I prayed and not enough on Jesus. What did He want me to say? First and foremost He wants us to praise Him. That is how we can get into His gates and draw near to Him. I talk about praise often and for a good reason. You will not get close to Jesus unless you praise Him. Praises bring Him into the scene.I see praises as a release of the Lord’s presence. He inhabits our praises. He is right there and He enjoys it when we lift Him up. A person who knows Jesus is a person who praises Jesus all the time. No matter what is going on in his or her life, that person praises Jesus day and night and is not influenced by circumstances. Knowing Jesus implies trusting and believing that He is always the same and we should always behave the same toward Him. This means that our feelings and our emotions don’t play any role in our quest to know Him better. We know Him by faith and we draw closer to Him by faith.

I am inviting you to make Jesus as personal as possible. Talk to Him all the time. Ask Him for advice and praise Him. If nothing else, praise Him. It will change your relationship with Him. He will inject His presence into your life and you won’t be able to stop praising Him. You will want to be with Him all the time. You will hear Him speak to you as you glorify Him. He will show up and you will see Him. Praise Him and pray to Him. Have one on one sessions with Him on a daily basis. Let Him come first. Let Him be your number One. Make Him personal. Enjoy Him!

Suggested reading: Psalm 73:28; Luke 9:23; James 4:8

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