Let your faith do all the talking

Yesterday I received an unexpected bill that is going to set me back about $400. The short walk from my mailbox to my house was very representative of what the enemy does in our heads. The thoughts came fast and furious after I opened the bill and they sounded like a barking dog in my head. My mind was ready to go down the wrong path but the Lord put a stop to the negative chatter. He quietly whispered to my heart and said that He would take care of the bill. He said that my job is not to worry but to trust. Worry stains our belief system and weakens our faith. Every time we worry, we give the enemy a chance to chip away at our faith. Every minute we give in to worry is a minute we take away from our faith. 

Every time we worry we waste precious spiritual time that could be spent in thanksgiving. If we are used to worrying all the time, we are used to making holes in our faith and the net that we create won’t hold us up when we fall. Faith is a safety net without holes. It can hold the weight of any pressure the enemy puts on our lives when it is nice and healthy. A healthy faith comes from perseverance and resistance. The Bible tells us to resist the enemy and he will flee. I resisted the words of fear the enemy was putting in my head as I was walking back to my house. Jesus died for a reason and He rose again for a reason. His sacrifice wasn’t in vain. When we worry and fear, we put Him back in the grave. My Lord is alive and well and my faith in Him is operational and vigorous.

I could have listened to the lies of the enemy and have a self-pity party all evening but I chose to listen to the Lord. His reassurance was a breeze of fresh air that cleared up the negative thoughts. God is with us and for us. Whatever is thrown at us He can handle. I don’t have to worry and fear and I don’t have to let the lies of the enemy invade my thinking space. I listened to the comforting words of the Lord and I put the enemy back in his place. How? I kept on resisting. I resisted the temptation to fall apart. I resisted the noise he was making and I gave in to the melodies from Heaven. When the Lord speaks to your heart, you get filled with hope and great expectations. I didn’t ask the Lord how He would take care of the bill. I thanked Him that He would take care of the bill and I went on with my day. The goal is not to revert to worry and focusing on Jesus is a great way to combat the regression. When the enemy speaks to your head, talk back in Jesus’ name.

The enemy knows that if he can sit on our heads for a while, we will start questioning God. That is what he wants. He wants you and me to second guess ourselves and to put God on trial. He tries to dig a hole between the Lord and us and he does that by attacking our faith. Doubt and worry are the enemies of faith and the devil uses them relentlessly. The devil likes to highlight what we see and feel so we can’t trust what we don’t see. Faith believes beyond appearances, circumstances, feelings, sight and emotions. Faith does not care about what is in front of us if it’s negative. Faith cares about what God says. End of story. The bill was in my hand and for a minute it was all I could see until the Lord reminded me that faith sees what my eyes can’t see. Faith saw a paid bill.

Your faith can fight the negative thoughts that keep entering your mind. You need to train your faith to do that. It comes with practice and with tenacity. Faith can be developed and sometimes it is our resisting the enemy during hard times that makes our faith stronger. Use your faith to talk back to the enemy. Express your faith. Let it do the talking every time the enemy wants to do the thinking for you. Let faith be your advocate. Give it a chance to say what God has to say about your situation. Don’t let negative thoughts get the best of you. Let your faith bring the best out of you. The best in you is Jesus. Your faith in Him will get you through anything. Keep the faith and the negative thoughts will go silent.

Suggested reading: Matthew 21:22; Hebrews 11:1: Hebrews 11:6

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