The day my life changed

The day I accepted Jesus as my Savior, the day I gave my life to Him is the day when everything changed. I have had many key events in my life that have changed the trajectory of what I thought was going a certain way but the day I met Jesus was the most significant change. I can’t remember what my life was like before because it was so bad. I can try and remember but what comes to mind is not a pretty picture. Jesus came into my life and repainted everything. He gave color to my darkest moments and He flipped my world upside down. Before meeting Him I thought that I was part of an exclusive club. A club where every member had bad luck, no hope and limited moments of happiness. I was stuck in that club and I longed to see what life was like outside that restricted environment. The club became comfortable because that is all I knew but it was not a joyful place. I saw joy on the outside but I didn’t know how to come out of the cage where despair had locked me for so long. Jesus opened the gate and let me out. He gave me His hand with a gentle smile. He introduced me to a new way of life. He showed me what life was all about. All the things that had been taken from me started showing up. Jesus gave me the rights that I thought only belonged to the lucky few. It wasn’t luck. It was His blessings. It was His love. His love brought a change. His love shifted everything and put me on a new path. The day my life changed is when Jesus became my life and it was only the beginning.

The day my life changed was a gateway into a more beautiful life. It was my exit from the cage of sorrow and my entrance into a better life. My salvation started when I accepted Him as my Savior and it has continued. Salvation is here and now and will never end. I believe sometimes we think of salvation as the time when we go to Heaven. Salvation doesn’t take place when we get saved and then takes a break until we go to be with the Lord. You and I are living our days of salvation today and that major change in our lives is still going on. Once I understood that truth, I saw my life in a different light. I received Jesus and He stayed with me. He never left and He will never leave. Today I am walking in the beauty of my salvation. Tomorrow I will still walk in the light of my salvation and that light will follow me forever. This means that my life is changed. It wasn’t changed at one point in time and then regressed to its old ways. It is continually changing for the best. I can’t expect misery to put me back in that cage. I have renounced my membership at the club of despair. I don’t belong there and I won’t let the enemy or my thoughts put me back there. I am free. The Spirit of the Lord is in me and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom.

You and I live an amazing life because we have an amazing Savior. It is not always a bed of roses but the Lord always takes care of every thorn and He weeds out the trials and the tribulations. Nothing is impossible to Him. Before Jesus, nothing was possible or so it seemed. Now, our lives are a series of endless possibilities from Heaven. We should be expecting great things from the Lord. We should be rejoicing over Him every day and thanking Him for giving us peace, joy, love and faith despite our circumstances. The new life we have in Christ is stronger than the life the world has to offer. The changed life we have can push away the tricks of the enemy. We are heirs of the Lord and part of our inheritance is the name of Jesus. Let’s use His name so we can live the fullness of this new life. In His name we are more than conquerors and that is an indelible truth. Embrace this great life with Christ every day. Remind yourself of the wonders of the Lord and how they never end. The day your life changed was only the beginning. Keep living it up in Jesus’ name!

Suggested reading: Romans 6:4; 2 Corinthians 5:17; Revelation 21:5

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