God says you can do it

“You can do it” is an encouragement that most of us love to hear. Now, when you hear it in your spirit and you know it’s coming from the Lord, it’s even more special. The Holy Spirit is a great motivator and He encourages you and me all time. We might not be tuned in or we might not pay attention to His voice but He loves to give us a boost. I have found that I can hear Him better when I lean on Him and when I do things that allow Him to be heard. Prayer is the number one place for me where the encouragements flow and sometimes overflow. I find that when I get into prayer mode and my focus is on the Lord, His voice seems louder and His comfort is bigger. Prayer gives Him the space to expand His love and to show His compassion for us. It’s not just about us talking but it’s also about Him communicating. What He has to say is always comforting, motivating and encouraging. God would never get us on the wrong train of thought whose destination is pessimistic and discouraging. Any word of discouragement you ever hear is not from the Lord. He is not negative and He doesn’t lose hope. God is hope and hope is all He knows. If you are having a hard time today and you have lost hope, know that the Lord your God is full of hope and He is not discouraged about your situation. He is not worried about the outcome and He is not in favor of you giving up. He is encouraging you right now whether it’s through this message or through another way that He chooses. Find His encouragement. It’s alive and well and it is there for you.

The Bible has all the encouragement in the world that you need. Read the Psalms, read one of the four Gospels and you are bound to find some encouragement. The Lord’s encouragement stands the test of time. It is never changing. It doesn’t matter if the world keeps changing or if 2021 is starting to show some characteristics of 2020. God doesn’t change from year to year and his Word will never change. Jesus came to save the oppressed and you might be feeling oppressed right now by your circumstances. He came to save you! There is hope. This oppression won’t be able to resist the power of the love of the Lord. God has a plan for you. He has a plan to fix your current dilemma and to restore what was taken from you by the enemy. Your present-day trials are nothing compared to your future victories and celebrations. Yes, friend, you are going to celebrate. You are going to celebrate how you made it and you did it because of the Lord’s encouragement. His words are not empty. They are filled with power, life-changing power and a positive change is coming your way. Hang on to the words of the Lord. He is telling you today ‘Child, you can do it!”

Your mind might be telling you that you are right to worry and to give up. Don’t trust those thoughts. They are in contradiction with God’s thoughts for you. God has amazing thoughts about your life. In His mind, your life is beautiful. In His mind, your life was worth dying for on the cross. In His mind, you are exceptional and you are worthy of His love. In His mind, you are a warrior of faith and nothing can stop you because He is backing you up. In His mind, you can accomplish anything and you will do great things. Share the mind of Christ about you and take His thoughts as the ultimate encouragement you need today and every day. God’s mind will blow your mind. Learn more about it in His Word and you will be greatly encouraged. The creator of the universe knows and believes that you can do it. You can make it through the hurdles and through the pain that is afflicting you. Don’t pay attention to the naysayers that want you to throw in the towel. Pay attention to the Lord’s encouragement even if it comes through as a small voice in your spirit. Listen to His words of hope and embrace His comforting words. God says you can do it and He is always right. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 31:6; John 16:33; 2 Corinthians 12:9-10

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