God knows the details of your life

God knows the details of your life. He knows every part of you, every part of your life and every feeling and emotion that you have. You will never meet anyone who knows you the way the Lord does. No one knows what you will do every day of your life for the rest of your life. No one knows your inner thoughts and your secrets except for the Lord. He knows you and He knows the meaning of your life. He has all the details so why only trust Him with the big picture? He is in the big picture and He is also in the fine print. God could tell you how many times you will eat, how many times you will say a word, how many thoughts you will have on any given day. The details are remarkable and He can quote them all. He is a huge God who can do all things and one of the things He can do better than anyone else is to take care of the details of your life. From your grocery list to your big plans for the future. He knows the road ahead. He knows the best way to go and the corners to avoid. He knows the valleys you will traverse and the mountaintops you will climb. He has seen it all and He has taken care of it all. All He wants is that you trust Him with the details and that you trust Him with the bigger plans. Today I want to encourage you to let God take care of the details of your life. Include Him into every plan, every initiative, every step, every decision you make. He wants to be taken into consideration all the time because He can change things for the best all the time.

As a kid I often wondered how many times I would do certain things in my life and how many times I would go through a particular situation. I was pretty reserved and shy as a kid and I would wonder how many times I would have to respond with shyness to situations in my life. We all have these deep thoughts and wonderings that we don’t share with anyone. They keep visiting our minds and leaving us perplexed. God knows what we are thinking and I believe He gave me the answer to my dilemma. His answer was that I needed to stop wondering how many times or how things would happen. I had to start trusting that He knew the details of my life and that was good enough. Nothing takes Him by surprise. The good and the bad news we receive don’t shock Him. He is more than prepared because He knows everything. When we spend time meditating on that truth we realize that there is really nothing to worry about. If God is not going to freak out about the events in our lives then we shouldn’t either. You might say that He is God so He can’t fear. That is true but He is your God. His role is to love you and protect you. He is not worried about your life so you shouldn’t worry either. If you worry, it means that you don’t believe He can love you enough to protect you and bless you and yet He adores you. There is nothing He wouldn’t do for you so every detail of your life matters to Him. Let me say this again; every detail of your life matters to God.

God is not a passive spectator of our lives. He is an active participant who wants to stay in the front row of our lives. When we try to do everything on our own, we leave the Lord on the sidelines and we don’t give Him a chance to do what He loves to do. It’s about time we let God have His way in our lives. It’s about time we left the door wide open so He can enter and do His thing. It should be a daily invitation. Our actions should invite Him in. Our actions should reflect how much we let Him be in control. We should be handing the list of the details of our lives to Him every day. I suggest putting those details in His hands as you start the day. Pray in the morning and give Him control. Tell Him that you love Him and thank Him for taking care of every detail of everything that will happen on that day. Tell Him that you are not going to worry and freak out no matter what happens because He has already seen what would happen and He has a solution for everything. Every detail of your life can be preciously handled by the Lord. Rely on His wisdom to guide you through the maze of your life. There is no place you will visit without the Lord. The dark alleys can’t separate you from God. The cloudy days can’t separate you from God. Your mistakes, your missed steps, your fall can’t separate you from God. Hand every part over to Him. He knows every detail and He will help you with every detail. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Genesis 1:9-21;  Psalm 119:105; Hebrews 13:5-6

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