Trust God with your future

Who would have thought a year ago that we would be where we are now? Who would have thought that everyone would be wearing masks everywhere you go? Who would have thought that so many people would have been affected by a disease that we knew nothing about back then? The future can be very unpredictable. Some things can be anticipated and other things are completely out of the realm of the best predictions possible. There is One person however who knows what’s coming and who can help us navigate through the puzzling future. The Lord knows everything that will happen. Nothing that ever takes place is shocking to Him. That boggles my mind! Some unexpected events can be such a shock to our systems that it takes us a while to recover from them and yet God knew about them all along. He has a simple answer to our facing uncertainty. His answer is, “Trust Me.” He wants us to put our worries down and pick up our faith and just trust Him. Easier said than done. I understand and I agree but I also understand that God is never wrong and I agree with Him wholeheartedly. If He says He has me in the palm of His hand, that is where I picture myself and I enjoy a cozy day despite the harshness of an unexpected storm of bad events. The Lord is the calm before the storm. The peace during the storm and the hope after the storm.

With God there is no reason to speculate and expect the worst. Bad things are inevitable but we should live our lives in the calmness of His presence and focus on Him and not on the bad things that could happen. When bad things hit and we are going through chaotic times, God has a peace for us that surpasses all understanding. During the storm, His peace is unparalleled and He can give us rest in the middle of our nightmares. When we get out of that season of trials and tribulations, we should hold on to hope for the future. Looking at the future should be an enjoyable experience. Why? Because God will be with us in the future. We are moving ahead with Him. He knows what’s coming and He knows He is going to protect us. Let’s trust the Lord with our future. Let’s put it all in His hands. Let our words be words of praise instead of words of pain. We can express the pain but we have to let it go. We have to turn it over to the Lord and He will give us relief. The future is unpredictable but the One who knows everything will get us through the worst times and bless us in the process.

Trust God with your future. Ignite your faith. Put it in high gear and keep going. Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know that’s coming. You know the Lord and that is more than enough. God won’t remove problems from your life but remember that He has conquered the world with all the problems that will ever arise. Your present and future problems will have to deal with your God. They won’t crush you. God won’t let them destroy you. Trust that He has a shield of protection around you and you will see the bad and the ugly but they will not bring you down. You are going to rise above  the difficulties and you are going to make it. He has a plan for your life and that includes your future. It’s in His hands. He’s got it. God would never make a promise and then break it. He promised that He would watch over you and He won’t forsake you. Trust Him with every day. Declare that He is in charge and that you believe your future depends on Him. It doesn’t depend on your circumstances or on what happens to you. It depends on God’s faithfulness and He will bless you no matter what happens. Trust God. Your future is in good hands!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 46:4; Psalm 121:7; Proverbs 23:18

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