When you keep hitting a wall

I remember a time when I kept hitting a wall. I couldn’t seem to make progress in anything. I kept going back to square one and my frustration was high. I didn’t know how to tear down the walls that were showing up in my life. When one would finally come down, another one would go up. I felt boxed in. I felt limited. I felt powerless. Those walls were a prison that was impossible to escape. There was no way I could climb those walls and escape from that mental, emotional and physical jail. Something was missing. I was a Christian and I loved God but I loved the world a great deal as well. My problem was that I was more of a person of the world than a person of the Lord. I worshipped the world. Not consciously but I loved the world way too much. I loved God’s creation more than I loved the creator. I had small gods that meant too much to me. Money was one of them. I had this sense of comfort and security when I had money. Money was protecting me. At least that’s how I saw it. I believed money gave me my independence. My approach to life was too materialistic and not spiritual enough. When those walls drew near me I looked for solutions that didn’t involve God at first. The small god of money couldn’t save me. My job couldn’t help me deal with emotional issues. The wall of stress was the tallest wall in my life and I had no idea how to get rid of it in my life.

Then the walls came down. The walls stopped having power over my life when I resorted to the walls of the Lord. What I needed to do was put walls between those dreadful walls and myself. There are walls of protection that the Lord gives us and the one I found to be the most effective and the most powerful is the wall of praise. Praising God and building a wall of adoration is a very amazing habit. Praise has to be a habit. It has to be a part of who we are. I am talking about praising the Lord with our singing and mostly praising Him with our lives. Friend, if you want the walls of frustration to come down in your life, let your life praise the Lord. Let your words, your thoughts and your actions be praises to the Lord. Praise doesn’t depend on what’s going on in our lives. Praise just makes our lives happen. Praise opens doors, flings wide the gates of Heaven and makes a way where there is no way. Heartfelt praise is a strong expression of faith. Praise is a hammer that makes holes in the walls of despair and that gives you hope. The Lord is in your praises, friend, so praise away! Praise until you break through those walls. Praise until a change occurs and then keep on praising. Praise the Lord and you will have a shield of protection against the negative walls of the enemy.

Attach faith to your praise and you will have a dynamic duo that the enemy won’t be able to stop. Faith sees beyond the walls. Faith knows that the walls of the Lord won’t let you be trapped in the prison of the mental games of the enemy. Faith sets you free. Faith shows you the way out. Faith sees Jesus and stays focused on Him. Don’t stare at the walls of fear. Keep your eyes on Jesus. If you hit a wall, hit it back with your highest praise. If you hit a wall, hit it back with a beautiful declaration of faith. The walls of the enemy can’t resist the Word of God. Keep using the Word. Keep believing it and keep speaking it. Those walls will crumble. If you are facing some major walls today, remember that the Lord who can do anything will tear those walls down. Praise and continue to praise. Shout out your faith. Look beyond the walls. They will come down. Praises go up and walls come down in Jesus’ name!

Suggested reading: Psalm 150:1-6; John 4:24; Hebrews 13:15

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