God is in your corner

God is in your corner. He is not against you and He is never abandoning you. I was watching a movie the other day and this woman told a very scared young man that she would be right there with him during an exam he was supposed to take. When I heard that it made me think of our Jesus is right there with us during every single exam and test that life brings our way. He is present and He never leaves the room. When the questions on our tests are getting difficult, He doesn’t leave through the back door and says, “Good luck, you’re on your own.” He sticks around. He helps. He counsels. He gives us peace. There is no place in the world you can be where the Lord is not with you. The Bible tells us clearly that nothing can separate us from God’s love. Nothing can come between you and God. He is always in the middle of everything. You might not see Him at first but if you seek His face you will find Him. When the pain is unbearable, the Lord’s face is hard to decipher but it is right there with you. When there is a lot of pressure at work, it can be challenging to see the Lord and to trust in His love but He is right there with you. He is in your corner and it doesn’t matter if the enemy is occupying the other three corners, all it takes is one corner. The Lord is standing there and watching over you. He will protect you from the attacks that are coming from the other angle. Look in His direction. Don’t ignore His corner. Find Him. He is there. He will never leave you nor forsake you!

I love hearing it when someone says that he or she is in my corner. It is reassuring and it is comforting. It means that I am not alone. That expression is usually used when someone is against us and our ally declares that he or she is with us despite the adversity. The Lord is saying that to you today. He is saying that it doesn’t matter what the opposition looks like, He is in your corner. He is backing you up and you have His undivided attention and support. I have lost sight of God’s help on numerous occasions but it never meant that He wasn’t there. Just because I got lost in my own fears and my own insecurities doesn’t mean that there was no hope and that faith couldn’t get me out of that mental confusion. Now, when I find myself struggling, I turn to the left or to the right and I find peace. The Lord wants to be the biggest One in the room. His corner is way larger than the other corners in our lives. Let’s not adhere to the lies of the enemy. He will always tell us that what he is doing is irreversible and that his hold on our lives is stronger than the hand of God. What the enemy does is make sure that he appears taller than he is but a few words from the Lord can put him back in his place. Speak God’s Word over your problems and the enemy will be reduced to a pile of nonsense in a tiny corner.

The idea of letting Jesus be the biggest One in the room was a message I received last year and it is still helping me today. Our lives are like big rooms that are busy and filled with many elements and details. Jesus should be the biggest detail in our lives. He should take up the most space. He should be the focus of our lives so when we look around the room all we see is Him. However, when we get overwhelmed by elements and details that are not from Him, we can easily panic and get scared. We can stay in a corner of the room and look around in fear. Jesus is with us in that corner. He is with us when we are cornered by the attacks and the schemes of the enemy. If you are stuck today and you are hiding in a corner of your life, remember that the Lord is right by your side and He is going to bless you and set you free. Your fears, your worries and your anxieties will disappear. Jesus is going to take them from you and get you back on your feet. That corner of distress is not your dwelling place. God is in your corner and you have great things to look forward to. Change is coming. Peace is coming. Freedom is coming. You are going to receive the joy of the Lord and it is your strength. Keep your eyes on Jesus and let Him be the biggest One in the room!

Suggested reading: John 10:28; Romans 8:31-39; 1 John 4:4

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