10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 157)

Don’t be intimidated by the things that happen to you. Be animated by the Love that died for you! Jesus is with you through all things. Stay strong!

God is calling you to new heights. You are not going back. You are going up! With the Lord you go from glory to glory! Amen!

If the pain is so strong that you can’t take it anymore, give it all to Jesus. He carried your pain on the cross and He can alleviate you of it all. Don’t hold on to what’s hurting you. Give it to the Lord in prayer.

Two words can bring peace back into your life; Jesus reigns. When things are bad say those two words. When doubt arises, say those two words. When the enemy attacks, say those two words. Jesus reigns and no weapon formed against you shall prosper.

Peace can make you laugh when you should be crying. Peace can make you walk when you should be sitting. Peace can make you climb when you should be at bottom. Peace can make you strong when the enemy is trying to weaken you.

Next time you don’t know what to do, pray. Next time you don’t know where to go, pray. Next time you don’t know what to think, pray. Next time you don’t have strength, pray. Next time you think it’s the last time, pray. Every time and all the time, pray.

Give into positivity. Give in God’s words of tranquility. Give in to the love that makes everything be in unity. Give in to the joy that gives you the ability. Give into Jesus. He will change your heart’s availability.

Try once, try twice, try three times. Try as many times as it takes but keep trying. Don’t give it. Keep doing your best. God will be with you every time you try and you will learn something new with every effort and every tear. Your perseverance is never in vain!

Hope has stayed with you the whole time. It’s been in your heart, in your spirit and in your soul. Take it out with words of affirmation and let it come to life again. Hope is the light of God that is sitting inside of you and that dissipates the darkness every time you turn it on with faith.

Your praises always reach the Heavens. It doesn’t matter how you feel when you praise as long as you praise Jesus. Praise goes up and joy comes down. Don’t get tired of praising the Lord. Make it a habit. Praise away and God will turn the devil away.

Suggested reading: Ezra 3:11; Psalm 7:17; Ephesians 5:18-20

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