How great is your Lord!

I love it when people say “God is good” because I wholeheartedly believe that He is. I also believe that He is great. He is excellent. He is perfect. He is invincible. He is powerful and He is almighty. Sometimes I think about how huge God is and I know that my mind can’t fathom the depth of His greatness. Do you ever think about how big our God is? Do you ever focus on His goodness and His greatness in order to fight the negative thoughts that try to defeat you? God can only be as big as we see Him. He is enormous but if we trust that He is a small god, our faith won’t take us far. God is bigger than anyone and anything. He is bigger than all your problems combined. Bigger than all the problems of all the people that have been on earth and that will be on earth. How great is that? He is unbelievably big and powerful. Jesus came to represent Him and told the world that His Father could do all things. He said that “for men that is impossible but nothing is impossible to God.” Nothing means nothing! There isn’t a single thing He can’t do. Think about that. Meditate on it and make it the focus of your life. Your God is huge. He is loving and He is big. His big love is for you and me and there isn’t anything He wouldn’t do for us. Whatever you are facing today, God is way bigger than that. Your difficulties, your anxiety, your stress, your trials and your fears are no match for our God. This week I want you to put your energy into remembering how big your God is. Maximize God in your mind and in your heart. Give Him the status that He deserves. Give Him credit for being who He says He is and learn to see big.

When you are under a pile of stress and worry, stress and worry look big to you. You can’t see anything else and when you do see other things, they appear to be smaller. When stress is riding your back, hope is under your feet and you keep walking on it without noticing it. God is hope and every ounce of His being is filled with hope. His being is way bigger than the universe so you can only imagine how big hope is when you have the Lord in your life. He is your God. He is your Savior and He is giving you hope when you lean on Him. Tap into His hope. Tap into His power. He has more power than you will ever need even if you had a million lifetimes. That is a lot of hope. Hope in the Lord is a powerful weapon against all types of adversity. It is a giant weapon that can destroy anything from the enemy. Focus on God and the hope that is available to you. Your current situation is not going to change the size of your God. The size of your God is going to change your current situation. Keep praying and keep hoping. You are praying to a God that no one can stop and that nothing can change. His grace and mercy are right here and they are a blessing to all of you. God has enough grace and mercy to go around multiple times. More times than any of us can count. Don’t count how many times the Lord got you out of trouble and think that there won’t be a next time. With the Lord there is always a next time and a next time and endless next times. He has done it before and He will do it again a million times times a million times!

How great is your God? Greater than your next doubt. Greater than your next problem and greater than the enemy. Always! You might want to remind the enemy of how great your God is. He hates hearing it and he hates admitting that you are right so do it all the time. Sing it. Shout it. Declare it. Live it out. Give your faith the substance it needs to be strong. Base it on the greatness of God. Feed your spirit God’s Word. Soak in it and discover every day that your God is indeed great and mighty. Be in awe. Let yourself be amazed at His great love. The miracles of the Bible are not tales from a History book. They are actual events that could take place today if we allowed our faith to grow. Get ready for this week by arming yourself with strong faith. Every time something bad happens, say “My God is greater. My God is stronger. My God is invincible.” You might have to say it a hundred times but it will get you closer to the place where your faith is solid and negative life events don’t have a grip on you. Stay strong in your confessions of faith no matter what happens. God is with you. The Mighty and Powerful One is with you. Have a great week!

Suggested reading: Psalm 145:3; Romans 5:8; Ephesians 3:20

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