God plans to prosper you

God plans to prosper you. He said it in the Old Testament and it is still relevant today. He has plans for you that are very unique. When you think of the word “prosper”, you might think of money and wealth. The first definition for the word “to prosper” is “to succeed in material terms and to be successful financially.” The second definition of the word is “to flourish and to grow strong and healthy. The third definition is the one that is usually linked to God and it is “to make successful.” God plans to make you successful. This is not limited to financial wealth. Can you read His promise as a promise to make you financially successful? I am sure He can and I know that many people get stuck on that definition of the term without looking beyond. God is Spirit and He is more interested in the spiritual aspect of our lives. That doesn’t mean that He doesn’t care about the other parts of our lives. He does but our spiritual growth and success come first.

 What do God plans look like for our lives? We can find answers in His Word. In His Word we learn how He can prosper us and bless us. The most important blessing is the blessing to know Jesus as our Lord and Savior. When we have Jesus, we are on our way to prosper, to grow and to be successful. We can’t have spiritual success without Jesus. He is the cornerstone of our faith and the foundation for all our success. God’s plans involve Jesus. They all do. Jesus is at the center of God’s plans. God’s plans to prosper you are Jesus-based and they are bigger than you can imagine because Jesus Himself is bigger than life. Are God’s plans often wider and broader than our plans? I would say Yes. There is no doubt that God knows what He is doing and that His plans can surpass our understanding. Today I encourage you to embrace God’s plans and to trust that God wants to prosper you and that He will. Your success is not only found in wealth, it is spiritual, it is beautiful and it gives God the glory.

Sometimes when something bad happens we think that God wanted it to happen to us. However, in the same verse God says He plans to prosper us, He also says that His plans don’t include harm or hurt. He has plans to give us hope and a future and anything bad and negative don’t lead to hope or to a good future. Bad things take place. The enemy is active and he will continue to be active but know that even though he has bad plans for our lives, God’s plans supersede the plans of the enemy. I have found that when I push my faith against the bad things that take place in my life, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can see that God is still good despite the evil that is shaking my world. I can see that God’s plans to prosper me don’t have an expiration date and they will take over. My life might be a mess at times but the Lord always turns it around because His plans are bigger, brighter, wider and broader than the plans of the enemy. Whatever pain or misery I go through, doesn’t compare with the joy that eventually comes in the name of Jesus. Joy comes back. Peace comes back. Hope comes back and they all make a comeback because that is part of God’s plans to prosper me. Growth and success still occur in the darkest moments. I learn to lean on God more and I get through trials thanks to the Lord. God can prosper you and me when the enemy tries to devalue our lives and to steal from us.

With God you will always succeed. His definition of success might be different from yours today but if you pray and ask Him to open the eyes of your spirit, He will give you a clear picture of what He means by success and He will put new desires in your heart. He will amplify some of the desires you have now. He will increase your love for Jesus. He will show you the importance of fellowship with His Spirit. He will put a new song in your heart. He will help you renew your mind. He will guide you and counsel you. Tell Him you are thankful for His plans for your life. Let Him lead you and prepare you for what He has for you. God wants you to open your mind as wide as possible because His plans are wider than the world and they need to be able to fit in your thinking. If your thinking is limited, your faith will be limited and faith connects you to God on many levels. You were born for such a time as this like the Bible says. You are not an accident and your life is not an accident. You are part of plan and your Savior will make you succeed in His plan as you trust Him and you lean on His understanding. Keep on believing and keep your hope in Jesus. Everything will work out for the best. God will make sure of that. He will prosper you even when the enemy tries to defeat you!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:11; Esther 4:14; Romans 8:28

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