Hand it off to God

Sometimes all you have to do is hand it all off to God. All you have to do is admit that you can’t handle everything by yourself. Give God all your burdens. Give up control and give in to the One who is always in control. Sometimes a little bit of vulnerability goes a long way. There is no shame in being vulnerable before God. He loves it when we humble ourselves and we depend on Him. I have tried to control situations, thoughts and circumstances to no avail. It usually starts in my head. I analyze a situation over and over again. I convince myself that the more I think about it, the more I will be able to come up with a solution. The solution doesn’t always come and if it does, it’s not the best one. The Bible tells us to bring everything to the Lord. We are encouraged to cast all our fears upon the Lord. Now, if we don’t recognize our worries and fears and if we think they are minor details, we hinder the process of being set free from anxiety and stress. Handing everything over to God begins with recognizing that there are things we need to let go off. Jesus can take care of anything and everything but He won’t take things away from us by force. His Spirit will nudge gently but it is up to us to turn the page and let God write the next chapter by giving Him back control of the narrative. I want to invite you today to get into the habit of handing everything off to God. Go to Him first. Give Him the pain, the heartache, the headache and the worries. Cast your cares upon the Lord!

There is a point where things seem impossible for us. It looks like the point of no return. It’s the point where we have no clue how things are going to get better. We can get to that point fast and easily. The key is to keep our faith pointing in God’s direction. It takes practice and effort. God loves us so much that He said He would take care of what bothers us and what hurts us. When we pray, we can hand things over to the Lord. I have been praying more that way lately. I am getting used to casting my cares upon the Lord. The peace that has been sitting in my life for a while has been life-changing and amazing. However, there are still cracks that need to be watched carefully. Through those cracks, come stress and worry disguised in non significant thoughts that end up being bigger than the truth. It is my job to plug in those cracks and the best way I know how to do it is by praying. I pray and tell the Lord that I can’t handle the situation. I try to tell Him how everything makes me feel and I reject those negative feelings. I wasn’t meant to carry the burdens of life. Jesus did and He took care of them. I was meant to trust Him and to hand off the burdens every time they jump on my back. There is power in surrendering and power in admitting dependence on the Lord. The fruit of that dependence on Jesus is always good. It is sweet, bold and soothing. I got tired of eating sour grapes. Now, I have the fruit of the Spirit that cleanses my spiritual palate and that gives me the strength to handle life.

We can handle anything that comes our way when we are convinced that Jesus is the only way. He declared that He was the truth, the way and the life. We need Him all the time. We need His truth, His way and the life He gives. Whatever burden is sitting on you today is not too big for the Lord. The truth is that Jesus can do anything. He can remove anything. He can heal anything. He can make anything right again and He can change any situation. That is the truth you should use against the worries and burdens. There is a way. There is going to be a great way out of your problems. Give your problems to the Lord and you will see what He does for you. He is going to bring back life where everything seemed dead. This is not the end. This is not over. God will carry you through this tough time and you are going to be free again. Hand the worries off to God. Trade your sorrow for His gladness. Things are going to get better. Don’t get discouraged and don’t give in to fear. Greater is the One that lives in you than the enemy that lives in this world. Jesus is with you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 55:22; Philippians 4:6; 1 Peter 5:7

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