God is always in control

Yesterday I woke up in the middle of the night. It was about 2:30 am. I knew God was trying to get my attention so I prayed. A few minutes into my prayer, a very encouraging message came through. The Lord reminded me that He was always in control. We get out of control but He is always in control. It was a reminder that I have heard through the years and it stirs up my faith every time. I prayed so I could get deeper into that message. God brought me back to a time when I would wake up in the middle of the night with stomach pain. It was awful. I had to get out of bed and walk around. The only thing that helped was praying while walking around. I would pray in the name of Jesus and command the pain to go away. It always worked. The pain would come back night after night and I would say my prayer every night. I believed in long term healing and it took a few doctor’s appointments and an endoscopy to find out that I had acid reflux. It is very much under control now. Remembering that time helped me see that indeed God is in control even when we are in pain. What we need to do is bring Him into the scene. When things are not going well, calling on the Lord is not always our first resort. Why? We think that we have lost control and we try to get it back on our own. The whole time that we try to figure things out and we try to fix the problems, God is still in control. We have no idea what to do but He has it all figured out and He is not losing sleep over our circumstances.

God is always in control. What we ought to do is get on His wavelength. We need to change our perspective and let Him influence our thinking. When things are out of control, our minds are racing, trying to find the best exit but going around in circles with no way out in sight. Our sight should be on the Lord. He has what it takes and He can change everything. He can’t just change some of the things we go through; He can change all of them. There is nothing impossible to Him and nothing can stop Him except for our minds when it wanders down the valley of overthinking and stress. The Lord showed me when I was praying the other night that calming ourselves is key when things are out of control. We have to start working with the inside and then we will see good results on the outside. When things are tough, our minds need to be tougher. There is a peace and a serenity from the Lord that can make us see life from a different angle. From the angle of the Lord. His angle allows Him to only see positive results, solutions, victory and peace. If your life is out of control today, get into the mindset of God’s peace. Take a step back and let God direct your steps. I suggest isolating yourself and being still in front of the Lord. You can also say a chant. It is not an actual chant but a few sentences that give you a boost. Keep saying them. You could say, “The Lord is always in control. He is in charge of my life and He won’t let me down. Things are going to get better. God is on my side. I have nothing to worry about and nothing to fear in Jesus’ name.” Make it whatever works for you but say it a few times in your moment of isolation.

God is always in control. This means that in the middle of the night or in the middle of the day, God is active, caring and protecting us. It doesn’t mean that bad things won’t happen though. It implies that even when things are bad, God is good and He is acting on our behalf. The enemy doesn’t want you to think that God is in control. He wants to depict a picture of a God who is at a loss and who can’t help you. He can always help. Help is always available. God’s love is always available. God’s peace is always available. God’s joy is always available. God’s plan is always available. When I don’t know how to act or what to do, I say “Lord, Your plan is better than mine and it trumps the plan of the enemy. I trust in Your plan and I praise You for loving me and for seeing me through all the time. You always win. Your plan always wins.” It is not those words exactly but something similar that declares that God’s plan is the best plan and it is working. You see, the enemy wants you to think that God’s plan has holes in it. He wants you to think that it is broken. A bad break and bad circumstances don’t change God. God changes them so hang in there. God is always in control and that beautiful sun you have been waiting for is shining beyond the clouds and it is coming your way. Stay encouraged. Great things are coming because God is always in control and you have nothing, absolutely nothing to worry about!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 55:8-9; John 14:27; Hebrews 11:1

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