God makes (good) things happen

God makes good things happen. God makes breakthroughs take place. God makes the walls of limitations come down. God makes things change for the best. God makes life better. God makes peace come into your life. God makes joy your strength. God makes the impossible possible. God makes all things right. God will make good things happen for you. He is the God of the second chance, of the third chance and of a new chance. The enemy might be creating havoc in your life but God will ruin the plans of the enemy. Trust that God makes good things happen. You are not going to be in a mess forever. God has a plan and it is always good. Good things will happen again. Good things are happening now. God is working in your favor and He is moving mountains as we speak. If you are feeling discouraged today, I am here to remind you that God will make good things happen in your life. He has not forgotten about you and He is not limited in any way. Your breakthrough is on the way. Your new day is coming. Don’t worry. God makes things take place that you never thought could happen. It’s coming. The good is going to replace the bad. Hang in there. God is bringing the positive changes you have been waiting for.

Yesterday morning I woke up with the powerful reminder that God makes good things happen. He is good all the time and He is with us all the time. When we pray to God, we put pressure on the bad things that are happening in our lives. Our prayers are pushing those things out of the way. There is a spiritual battle happening when we pray and God has won that battle. We have to keep praying and keep believing. Good things will materialize and they will transform our lives. I understand what it is to feel demoralized and to feel defeated. Those are negative feelings that the enemy loves to see us experience. He loves pain and suffering. He delights in affliction and robbery. The enemy is a thief but God brings back justice. God restores what the enemy steals. He replaces our grief with gladness and singing. He takes the pain and puts a fresh coat of joy over the walls of our hearts. God makes things right and good again. There is no sadness and no fear that God can’t remove. Keep on praying and keep on praising. You are breaking the hand of the enemy over your life. You are giving God free reign to do what He does best. You are inviting Him to rescue you, to bless you and to change you and your circumstances.

God makes good things happen even when things should be going in the wrong direction. People will even tell you that you are at the end of your rope. People will even feel bad for you because they see there is no hope. Don’t listen to what people have to say unless it is uplifting and encouraging. God is not saying this is the end. God doesn’t believe things will not get better. God doesn’t sit back and let you go through ordeal after ordeal. God is pushing you in the right direction. When things are bad, God is whispering that He is here to make it all better. Pay attention to His voice, to His signs, to His guidance. If you are not hearing anything, open your Bible. His voice will be clear and loud. He has exactly what you need in His Word and what you need is hope. Hope that He will make things good again. He keeps His Word. He is faithful. Good things are in the making in Jesus’ name. You have nothing to worry about. Things are going to get so much better. Just wait and see how God makes good things happen. Stay in faith and stay in peace. God is doing something new in your life!

Suggested reading: Matthew 5:45; Romans 8:18; Romans 8:28

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