This is what God says about you

God is who He says He is and you are who He says you are. He is a God of His Word. He doesn’t lie and He doesn’t compromise. Who does He say you are then? First He says that you are loved. Whoever you are, know that you are loved by Almighty God. Nothing about you can stop Him from loving you. It doesn’t matter if you believe in Him or not, He loves you and nothing can ever change His mind about you. His Son died on the cross for you and came back from the dead so you would have abundant life in Him if you accept Him as your Savior. Think about how every single person you will ever meet is loved by God just as much as you are. We all have something in common; we are all loved and the biggest and most powerful sacrifice was performed for us all.

If you are a believer, God says that you are saved. You are born again. Your spirit was renewed and you have a new life running through your spiritual veins. There is new hope, new mercies and new blessings available to you every single day. You have a Father who adores you, who protects you and who takes care of you. That is what the Lord says about you and He doesn’t lie. You have abundant life in Jesus. That means that there are no limitations to what the Lord can do in your life. You can grow spiritually. You can make mountains move with your faith. You can be healed. You can be encouraged in Him. You can be comforted and counseled by His Spirit. You have the Holy Spirit dwelling in you. That is what the Lord says about you.

As a host of the Holy Spirit you can worship and praise the Lord. Now it’s up to you to choose to grow in the things of the Spirit and to acknowledge His presence all the time. You see, the Lord says that we are to renew our minds with His Word. Even though we have the Spirit and our spirits are new, our minds are still a work in progress. One thing we need to work on is believing with our minds and our hearts that God is always with us and that with His Spirit

comes power. Power to live this life in Christ and to be conquerors all the time. God says you are a conqueror and that your faith saves you. He says that your faith activates His hand. Recognize that you are the person of faith that the Lord talks about and walk in the power of His love.

God also says that you have nothing to worry about and that He gave you a strong spirit that is not weak. This is something important that you ought to confess daily and to remind yourself daily. Fear is the enemy of faith. God doesn’t give fear and He doesn’t promote fear. He promotes faith and He encourages you in your faith. You can defeat fear in the name of Jesus. God tells you not to fear in His Word about 365 times. It is not something you should ignore. You have the power within you to beat fear because the Lord is with you. You are a person of faith who lives above fear. Believe it. Be in agreement with it.

God also says you are blessed. You are blessed wherever you go because He goes with you wherever you go. Stand on that truth and walk on your path with confidence knowing that you are blessed. God even says that you are highly favored. That is not a simple statement. It is a big statement made about you. It is part of the package deal of your salvation. God’s favor is on you and you are blessed in all you do and everything you touch is blessed. He also says that you are a blessing. Let Him use you to bless others. Serve with love and be a blessing to someone today. You are a blessing that can change someone’s world. That is what the Lord says about you. Get on the same page. Thank Him for all He says about you. He knows you better than you know yourself and everything He says about you is true and it should all be accepted in faith. Make a pact with God and agree that you will take Him at His Word and be grateful that He is a God of His Word. You are loved. You are saved. You are a person of faith. You conquer fear. You are blessed and you are a blessing.

Suggested reading: Numbers 6:24-26; Romans 10:9-10; 2 Timothy 1:7

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