Pray for others

God’s greatest commandment to us is to love Him and to love our neighbors like ourselves. It is a commandment that has been twisted and modified by men to the point where we tend to define what loving God and loving others look like. Our definition is sometimes miles away from the Lord’s definition. We add “but”, “except for” or “some” to that commandment. It sounds more like “Love God but love yourself more and love some of your neighbors like yourself” or “Love God and love your neighbors except for those who are different from you.” There are thousands of variants of that definition out there and it is sad. God plainly and powerfully stated that He should be our first love and that we should love everyone with no exception. It doesn’t matter if that doesn’t jive well with our upbringing or with our culture. It is God’s commandment and He made it clear that love should be unconditional. I am learning how to love God with all my heart and how to love my neighbors like myself. I will continue to learn and do my best and I am enjoying the lessons and the endless love possibilities that stem from God’s commandment. Now, one way we can show love for others is by praying for them. One way we can show love to God is to pray to Him. 

The message I have had on my heart is to encourage you and to encourage myself to pray for others. Yesterday during prayer time the Lord spoke to me on the inside about powerful prayers that have no end. He told me about how there is always someone or something to pray about. There will always be tough situations that need to be broken by the power of prayer. There will always be someone who is suffering in private or in public and that person will need prayers. There will always be eyes that need to be opened to God, hearts that need to be mended, joy that needs to be restored, peace that needs to go into someone’s life and hope that needs to be revived. Everywhere we go we will always encounter a person that needs something from Jesus. Whether it is a smile, a hug, a word of encouragement or a prayer. The needs of this world will always be present and we are the ones who can help facilitate changes in this world in need through our prayers. We can pray for those who clearly need a breakthrough and we can pray for those who are not aware of what they need. Every single person you will ever meet can benefit from prayers. Every single person you will ever meet needs God’s love. Arm yourself with prayer and bring down the walls of fear, hatred, pain, anguish and perdition. You are praying to a God who can do all things so remember that your prayers are effective. 

When you pray, God goes to battle. The battle belongs to Him. You don’t have to make things happen. All you have to do is pray and have faith. It is God’s will for your life that you are a person of prayer, a person of faith and above all a person of love. Your prayers are love letters about others that are penned in your heart by the Holy Spirit and that ascend to God the Father who is always listening. When you pray for others, you can’t go wrong. You are doing the right thing and you are sending love to that person. Don’t stop praying for others. Find someone new to pray for. Find situations to pray about. Bring it all to the Father in prayer and trust that He is answering. You might not see results right away and you might not understand how God is answering your prayers but know that He is. Nothing can stop the Lord. Nothing is impossible to Him and He is doing all the work. Don’t carry the prayers to the point where you think it depends on how powerfully you pray. The fact that you are even caring for someone else and that you are bridging the gap for them in Jesus’ name is very powerful. Let God’s love guide you. Stay in prayer and stay in faith. Pray as often as you can and for as many people as you can. No need to make a public announcement about your prayers but be sure to make a private declaration of victory in the name of Jesus. Pray for others every day. God’s love will flow to those who need Him and you will be walking in God’s will. Keep praying for others!

Suggested reading: Job 6:14; John 15:12-13; Galatians 6:2

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