God will assist you

I heard one of my students tell another kid that he would assist him and help him. I thought that was very nice and very mature of him. The kid was stressed about school and he wasn’t sure how he was going to be able to study for a certain subject. I loved seeing compassion in action. The student who offered his help felt compassion for the other student. He was confident that he knew the material very well and he could help the other kid. He was aware of his knowledge and of his abilities and he decided to put them to work for someone else. That made me think of how our Lord tells us all the time that He will assist us. We don’t always hear Him but when we panic and we are stressed, He is there telling us that He will assist us. I know that it is hard for me at times to hear His encouragement but I am learning to turn to Him right away before anxiety and stress set in. I am learning not to let those negative agents grow in me and take over my mind and my feelings. Negative thoughts and negative feelings can push us to do the wrong thing and they blind our judgement and our faith. They are like dark projections that overshadow the light of our faith. We have faith. Whether it is a mustard seed or a mountain. If we believe in God we have a portion or an amount of faith if you will. That portion gets stronger and more solid with time when we exercise our faith. When stress is in the house, we have to give it the boot and kick it out with the power of faith. Our faith should rise up and say “I am not going to panic. My God is going to assist me.” Today I want to remind you that God will always assist you. He has the knowledge and the ability to help you and to get you out of any bad predicament.

The Lord says we don’t receive because we don’t ask. It is harder to ask for help when we feel so helpless and our emotions are controlling us. God has all the help and all the power we need to make it in any situation. I believe it is important to develop strategies that lead us to resort to God right away. For some people writing things down on a piece of paper is effective. For other people, saying things out loud helps. For another group of people, reading the Word right when life hits them with bad news is the best way to deal with tough situations. Whatever works for you is what you should do but find a way to make God your go-to source of solutions. If you pressure the circumstances with God’s presence with all the different forms that work for you, you will see a difference. You will see hope get in the way of what is trying to destroy you or harm you. God will assist you and when you have faith in His strength and His divine assistance, things change. You will see your situation improve and your mind will be more at peace. I like to saturate myself with as much of the Lord as possible. I like to remind myself that no matter what, the Lord will assist me. He has the biggest heart that exists and His heart moves Him to do the impossible for you. His assistance is amazing and powerful. Keep in mind every time you have problems that the One you are turning to is most capable and willing to move Heaven and earth for you. He also paid the price for you and took care of your burdens on the cross so you don’t have to carry all this negative weight yourself.

We have an assistant every day of our lives. He is in us and with us. The Holy Spirit is the best assistant there is and He will never leave. Even when things seem worse than usual, He doesn’t leave. Even when we “don’t feel” God, He doesn’t leave. A few words of faith uttered from our hearts is all it takes to reverse those bad situations, those bad days and those bad seasons. When we acknowledge that the Lord is assisting us through His Spirit, we are on the right track. He starts giving us advice and He starts encouraging us. The Holy Spirit will always give us hope and give us peace. Friend, keep your head up. Go into every situation knowing that God will assist you. Even if things get very bad, He will still be very good. You have nothing to worry about and nothing to fear. The best assistant in the universe is helping you and taking care of you. Walk in peace and walk in faith. Things will always turn out for the best with the One who can do the impossible. Thank Him for His assistance and for caring for you so much! Praise the Lord!

Suggested reading: Matthew 7:7; John 15:7; Hebrews 4:16

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