God has it all figured out

I scheduled my covid vaccine earlier this week like many other educators. I couldn’t get an appointment until later in the month. Then last night I saw that some earlier appointments had opened up. I canceled mine and tried to get one of the earlier ones. I tried for over an hour and I couldn’t get anything even though there seemed to be open slots online. I was frustrated to say the least but I didn’t want to go to bed feeling that way. I know how bad it is for my spirit and for my head. I even thought I wouldn’t be able to pray properly. Then I got into prayer mode and the Lord took over. It was as if He were taking my hand and telling me to join Him in His joy and in His peace. You know how it is when you are frustrated and angry and you don’t want to be around happy and fun people. It is different with the Lord. When I feel down, I look up and all I see is His love and it makes me want to touch Him. I got closer to Him and I let go. I let myself go and I let myself be touched by what He had to offer. The website had offered me grief and frustration but the Lord was about to replace it with gladness and serenity. He did just that. He traded my frustration for His goodness. I embraced His goodness and even though it was late, I stayed in prayer for a while. What filled me with gladness was that He told my heart not to worry and that He had a plan. He said He had it all figured out. Those words went right from my spiritual ears to my heart. It is what I needed to hear and it gave me tremendous peace. The Lord always has it all figured out. He is not clueless and He is not at a loss for a solution. He has always had the best solutions to our worst problems.

Not being able to get a covid vaccine appointment wasn’t a big problem. It was more of a nuisance than anything else and it bothered me. However, after my gladness session with the Lord, I found myself at peace and full of what I call “faith energy.” Faith energy is like a burst of faith that comes through at times. It is a boost and a step forward in the right direction on the faith continuum. God knew what I needed and He had it all figured out. That is what helped my faith. Knowing that He is in control was enough for me. My faith was blasting praises in my head and my heart was warm and glad. God has that effect on us. He makes us feel warm on the inside and His gladness in us shows on the outside. I could have spent the night trying to come up with a plan. All He wanted me to do was to trust Him. When I got up, I decided to call the vaccine center and see if they could help me. By that time there were absolutely no appointments available online. Calling sounded like a desperate move that was not going to lead anywhere but when you know God has it figured out, you go with His flow. I called at 7 am and I was on hold for 40 minutes when someone picked up. I explained my situation and the lady said she would try to see what she could do. She found a time slot for me for tomorrow Friday with the vaccine I was hoping to get. Come to find out the first appointment I had and canceled was another vaccine. God had it all figured out. What seemed like a (small) nightmare for an hour or so turned out to be an opportunity for the Lord to show me what He does best.

God will always show us that He has everything under control when we trust Him. We can choose to panic and lose hope or we can stick with God and follow His lead. That is what He wants us to do. Follow Him and not question Him. Every time we doubt or we give in to fear, we question God. We question His ability to help us and to save us. He never fails. He can’t fail us. He knows everything from A to Z and He doesn’t miss any letter in between. If you are trying to figure out the next steps in your life, take a step back and let the Lord lead you. Take a step back and give Him a chance to reveal His plan to you. His plan is to prosper you and to bless you. He won’t let your circumstances destroy you. He will destroy them for you. He knows how to get you out of the biggest mess and how to help in any situation you might find yourself in. God has it all figured out. Don’t worry. His plans are always the best!

Suggested reading: Exodus 15:2; Nehemiah 8:10; Luke 15:25-26

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