Following God

Following God is not always easy but it’s the best thing we can do. It’s not living a life on a bed of roses like I used to think. I used to believe that because I was a Christian I would never have bad days and I would never have difficulties. I was young and innocent. I had the faith of a child but I didn’t understand that faith was not the absence of problems. My childlike faith was met with a lot of resistance and it disappeared after a while. I was very confused and I didn’t understand what God was all about. I felt let down by God when in reality He was always my ally and my comforter. I misunderstood what following God meant. I had my own version of it in my head that didn’t agree with the Lord’s reality. Jesus Himself said that in this world we would have tribulations. For some reason I didn’t discover that verse until I was older or maybe I didn’t embrace it and I ignored it. Tribulations and trials are part of everyone’s life, even Christians’ lives. God doesn’t make us “problem-proof” but He solves our problems and He helps us overcome them. Following God will not be a walk in the park but it will always be a walk with the Creator of the universe and that is enough to keep us safe, calm and confident. Following Jesus implies having a lot of confidence and trust in Him. It is a blind walk toward eternity. It is a walk that doesn’t end just because there are hurdles and obstacles on the way. It is devotion to the Lord and surrender to His majesty. It is making Jesus our priority and walking in His footsteps knowing that we are on the right path no matter what life throws at us. Today I want to encourage you to follow the Lord. Follow Him all the time. Acknowledge that your best spot is the spot you occupy when you are behind Jesus and He is leading the way.

Following God is following His heart before anything else. It’s having an intimate relationship with the Father and letting our lives echo the sentiments of His heart. It’s staying close to God and becoming a spitting image of the Father. Like I said earlier, it’s being aware that Jesus is always before us and that He knows what He is doing. It’s having the best role model in the world and imitating Him. It’s letting love invade us and stay in us. We can’t follow God if we don’t adopt His love and embrace it. God without love is not God. We can learn from the Bible and have a lot of knowledge about the things of the Lord but if we don’t apply it all with love as our guide, we won’t amount to much. We will be like the Pharisees who intellectualized God and who denied that love was of the utmost importance. Following God is not following a doctrine or a man-made ideology. It’s idealizing God and putting Him on a pedestal. We can’t follow God if we keep putting ourselves ahead of Him. We ought to always hold on to His commandments and to His way of living and of thinking. We can learn about them in His Word and be “doers of the Word” who are indeed following the Lord’s principles and His wisdom. His wisdom should be our source of knowledge and our wisdom should take a backseat.

There is a lot of blindness involved in following God. We have to keep being blind to the world. Not pretending that the world doesn’t exist but not giving the world power over us. When our circumstances are bad, we can’t let the world intimidate us and we can’t take things at face value. Following God is a blind walk that uses faith as a flashlight in the darkest times of our lives. When we walk behind the Lord, we tell ourselves that nothing can separate us from His love and we will always be in good hands. We know that He is our protector and our refuge so we can keep on walking with peace in our hearts. Friend, you will never go wrong when you follow the Lord. You will always be where you should be. It’s not always going to be easy but it will always turn out to be the best thing you could ever do. Follow the Lord. Remain in Him. Let His words remain in you. Make Him the center of your life. Let Him be your life. His love will support you and His Spirit will guide you. Keep following the best role model in the universe!

Suggested reading: John 15:4; John 16:33; 1 John 2:6

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