God is a joyful God

I often tell one of my friends that God is a joyful God. He beams with joy and He is happy all the time. When I pray to Him and I spend time in His presence, His joy radiates and it covers me. It is very powerful and it is very healing. There is nothing like it. There is nothing that can bring so much strength and so much peace in the middle of chaos. I have experienced God’s joy in the middle of some of my worst moments in the past few years and it shows me that the joy that takes over me is not from this world. Nothing in this world could help me face adversity with a grateful heart and a content mind. Only God can make me smile when my heart is ready to cry. Only God can fill me with hope when my mind is ready to collapse. Only God can give me the weapon of joy when the opposition brandishes trials and tribulations. Only God has the joy that is our strength. His joy can derail the enemy. His joy can destroy the negative feelings and the depression sent by the enemy. When the Bible says that the Lord’s joy is our strength, the Bible is declaring something amazing that we should meditate on and embrace. God has a joy that can neutralize all the bad emotions and feelings that are walking the earth trying to find people to torture. God’s joy puts an end to the harassment and the torture from the enemy. God’s joy heals the broken-hearted and comforts the lonely ones. Today I want to encourage you to seek God’s joy and to adopt it as the strength that it is meant to be in your life. Pray to our joyful God. Stay close to Him. His joy is contagious and it will brighten your day any day!

God’s joy is a force to reckon with. There are times when His joy is so intense that I laugh for no reason. It has happened in my sleep. It happens when I pray. It happens when I am driving around. One thing for sure is that it is not based on something that just took place. It comes from the Lord and He is the source of that joy. It’s not a human feeling. It is a God feeling. It baffles me that our God who is so majestic, so big, and so perfect, would come to our level and pour Himself into us. I haven’t done anything to deserve His joy. His love is priceless and yet He gives it to us every single day. When I experience that joy for no apparent reason, I can only be thankful for it and enjoy it. One time I was praying and the joy of the Lord got ahold of me. I had a roommate at the time and I was worried he would hear me laughing hysterically. I couldn’t help it. I kept saying “Oh my God, this is so funny.” I don’t know what was funny but I laughed for a while and it was just great. I tried to stop but then the laughter would get stronger. It was one of my first encounters with the spirit of joy that the Lord has all the time. It was an outpouring of the joy of the Holy Spirit. All I did was get into prayer and the joy jumped inside of me. I have also woken up laughing really hard. It happens a few times a year and every time it feels like Jesus is smiling and it makes me laugh. The Lord is joyful and He has enough joy for everyone in the world. For every sad moment, there is a more powerful moment of joy from the Lord. He replaces the sadness of the world with His gladness. The enemy steals our joy way too often. It’s time we claimed the joy of the Lord back.

God can replace anything negative with His blessings. He can reverse situations and make great things happen that will make us forget the sorrow and the pain. I invite you to pray joy into your life. Claim it and accept it. Tell the Lord that you are ready for His joy. Thank Him for His joy. When something bad happens, being happy and joyful is the last thing you want to do but it is the one thing that can help you get through your bad circumstances. I have found that isolating myself and getting into my praise and worship closet gets me to a place of joy. I detach myself from my problems and I hang on to the joy of the Lord. I make room for Jesus and He moves everything negative out of the way. Fullness of joy can only be found in the Lord so I go to Him to be filled with His strength. After a praise session, I feel ready to face the world. I clap my hands and make a joyful noise unto the Lord. Joy is very powerful, friend. Subscribe to it. Have a monthly membership to God’s joy. Renew it and don’t let it expire. His joy will get you through the worst times in your life. Pass His joy onto other people. Pray joy into your family. Pray for your friends to know the Lord’s joy. Spread the joy. God is a joyful God. That will never change but it will change your life!

Suggested reading: Psalm 47:1; Proverbs 10:28; James 1:2-3

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