10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 163)

Default to staying strong. Default to hope. Default to faith. Default to prayer. Default to praise. Default to joy. Default to peace. Default to love. Default to Jesus!

God doesn’t make empty promises. His promises are filled with hope, with power and with love. They will always come to pass. He is faithful. Stay in faith!

The Lord is holding your hand. He is holding your hand when everything is good. He is holding your hand when you are having a hard time. He never lets go of your hand. He is with you through thick and thin. Hold on to Him the way He is holding on to you!

A miracle can take place anytime. God only has the timetable with all His blessings scheduled. They always come at the right time. Know that your miracle is part of a timeline and it is going to drop any day now.

Peace is the power to face any obstacle and any problem with an unshaken heart. Peace is the force that pushes against the powers of darkness. It doesn’t get intimidated by the attacks of the enemy. It attacks his attacks with faith and composure. God’s peace is your supernatural strength!

God has control over the most out of control situations. He has the authority to put everything back in its place better than it was before. He has the power to change everything for the better. Trust that God is always in control in your life.

God’s presence doesn’t mean the absence of trouble but it means you are in good hands and your troubles are handled by the King of the impossible.

Listen to the words of the Lord. Listen to His directions, to His comfort and to His love. His words are the language of love that you need to face every day when life speaks a language of hate and fear.

God’s love can soothe the harshest heart. God’s love can flatten the most curvy trials and tribulations on the trajectory of your life. God’s love can make your life smooth again. God’s love heals. God’s love always wins! Trust in His love!

Sometimes all you have to say when you pray is “God, I don’t know how to pray but You know my heart so you know what I need to say.” He has heard you before you could even speak. Just show Him that you know He is listening.

Suggested reading: Psalm 22:1-2; John 9:31; 1 Peter 3:12

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