God will challenge your challenges

We all face challenges. Sometimes our challenges come back over and over again. Sometimes they bring the rest of their families and they introduce us to the father of all challenges and to the mother of the worst circumstances. Challenges will never go away but it is not a reason to give up. It is very easy to throw in the towel and to let those challenges eat a big part of our lives and leave us depleted. However, we have the Challenger who defeats all challenges and who defies the impossible. God can handle all challenges, even the ones that you never thought you would ever face. I remember a time when I couldn’t understand what was happening to me. I just couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong and I had never thought I would be in such a predicament. Did the Lord leave me? Did He say I had to fend for myself? He did not. He stood by me and He led me through it all. God is such an amazing companion in all adventures of life and sticks around when challenges arise. He challenges our challenges when we give Him a chance to do that. When you remain in the Lord and you give Him full access to your life, things always end up in your favor. You might have to fight through some things and fight the good fight of faith longer than you wish you had to but in the end you will come out victorious. When you stay with God, He does the impossible. God will challenge your challenges and make things right.

I like to put pressure on the pressure that the enemy tries to put on me. There are many opportunities for me to crumble under pressure but I have a system that allows me to challenge the pressure and to walk in peace. You probably know by now that prayer is part of that system that I put in place many years ago. Prayer puts pressure on your bad circumstances. Prayer puts pressure on the enemy. Prayer changes things and it changes you and that is a big challenge for the enemy. He doesn’t want to see anyone grow and learn. He doesn’t want to see anyone gain an understanding of the power of the name of Jesus. My prayers are filled with the name of Jesus and His authority oozes out of my prayers. I love that my prayers also challenge my mind and put my thinking back on the right track. Why? Because the Spirit of the Lord is behind my prayers. If you believe in Jesus, His Spirit is also behind your prayers. The words you say are inspired by the Spirit of God and there is power in those words whether you feel it or not. The power of prayer is real and it is a gift from God that we ought to open all the time. What good is a gift if we leave it in its box? We should be able to enjoy it and to use it. Let’s use the power of prayer because it is one of the ways the Lord challenges our challenges through us. If we give in to prayer and we pray with faith in our hearts, things will start to change and the Lord will derail the plans of the enemy that were meant to derail us.

God is a challenger. He challenges anything and everything that is evil and that is sent by the enemy. Not only does He challenge these things with His goodness, with His love and with His power but He also wins over them. As a matter of fact, He won on the cross. The enemy is no match for our God but our faith in Him has to be part of the equation. God has won and He is waiting for you and me to join in the win. We can do that through prayer and praise and through declarations of that victory. We can say it out loud or deep inside and we can say it through the way we live. What we think about and how we act can also be reflections of that victory in advance. The Challenger can take on anything. Give it all to Him in prayer. When life packs a punch, remember that life was created by the Lord and He can stop every punch and He can neutralize every attack. No weapon formed against you shall prosper because God will destroy those weapons. Today I want you to give your biggest challenges to the Lord. Let Him challenge them as you stay in faith and pray to Him. He won’t let you down. He is faithful and He is going to do something amazing for you. Don’t give up hope! Those challenges are nothing compared to the mighty Challenger. 

Suggested reading: Isaiah 54:17; Romans 8:28-39; Revelation 12:10

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