God’s vision for your life

I have been asked a few times what vision I had for my life. As a kid I was asked what I would want to be as an adult. As an adult I am asked where I see myself 5 or 10 years from now. We are very much interested in the future and we like to make plans and to have a vision for ourselves. There is nothing wrong with that but I am learning that the best vision for my life doesn’t compare to God’s plan and to His vision for my life. The way He sees my potential is different from anything I can imagine. God sees everything through eyes that see no limitations and no hindrances. His vision for the future is not 20/20 but 100/100. He knows what’s coming and He knows what to expect. His vision for your life, friend, is beautiful and it is way better than all the vision boards you could put together. God has a vision board that is immense and that is extraordinary. I love to say that He is out of this world and all He does is out of this world. He painted a picture for your life and for mine and those pictures are out of this world. It is our limited vision that stalls our faith. We need to get on the same page as the Lord’s. We need to widen the scope of possibilities for our future. Our resources, our knowledge, our education and our lives right now are no indication of what God can do for us. They can give us a hint and clue us in but they only give us a glimpse into what can happen on our limited level. Our lives are in God’s hands and everything that can happen through Him is at a much higher level. Today I want you to think about God’s vision for your life. What is His plan? What dreams does He have for you? Whatever you can come up with , know that His reality is much bigger than what your imagination is telling you.

I have mentioned a few times before that God’s plan for our lives is to prosper us and to bless us. When a father in the natural, wants to prosper and bless his kids, there are a number of things he can do. Those things can be truly amazing and great but they will always be done in the natural realm and the human realm. God our Father operates in a more powerful realm. He is in the realm of the impossible made possible. He can do outstanding things in the physical and natural realm and He can extend those great deeds into the supernatural and impossible realm. Where man hits a wall, God goes forward. No walls can stop Him. No barriers can be in His way. He makes a way anywhere and everywhere. He is making a way for you and as you stay in faith, you can discover what He is planning for your life. Faith, this powerful key, opens the door to the impossible. Faith moves the hand of God and allows Him to do whatever He wants in our lives in a splendid way. God has a vision for you that is so incredible that if you found out all the details of His vision, you wouldn’t believe it. Ask Him to share His vision. Start by looking in His Word and give your faith a boost by reading about the wonders of the Lord. His wonders are still present today and they can still take you by surprise and change your life for the better. God’s vision for you is to prosper you and to bless you and He can do that in a way that is unparalleled. No one can do it the way God can!

When I reminisce and think about the wonderful things God has done in my life, I am still in awe. I feel like I don’t deserve His goodness and yet it is available free of charge. Take the time to go down memory lane and review the blessings of the Lord from the past. Don’t use those memories to create a book where you write about what once happened as if it would never happen again and as if it can never get this good again. The memories of those blessings should serve as a reminder that God did it before and He can do it again. Not only can He do it again but He can do it in a bigger way. You have seen nothing yet. What’s coming is going to blow your mind. God’s vision for you is exponential and it has blessings of heavenly proportions coming your way. Expect great things. Expect God’s vision for your life to be out of this world and to be phenomenal. Stay on God’s page. Keep reading His Word and keep being inspired by His love and by His kindness. God has a vision for your life that is consistent with who He is. He is God. He is almighty. He is love. He is peace. He is joy. Expect all these wonderful things to increase in your life. The God of the ever-increasing blessings is your God. Embrace the fact that God’s vision for your life is the best vision and it is filled with beautiful moments and great victories. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Romans 4:21; 2 Corinthians 9:8; Ephesians 3:20

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