Take the Promise at face value

God made a lot of promises in His Word. It would take up a lot of space on this page if I were to enumerate all of His promises. I actually would need more than one page to list them all. I like to sum them up as what I call “the Promise.” It is the Promise that encapsulates all of His promises. The Promise is that He is God Almighty and if we believe in Him, He will be God in our lives. It sounds basic but it is a power Promise that truly takes every of His promises into account. He said He would be faithful and His Promise is that He would never fail us and He is our fortress and our refuge. He is God to all the believers and that means He is love and all the blessings He mentions in His Word to those who believe in Him. He sent his Son to save us. He Son came, died for our sins and our infirmities and rose from the dead to secure eternal life to whoever believes in Him. We are under the new Testament, under the new covenant thanks to Jesus. The Promise is that Jesus lives and He will always live and we can enjoy life with Him. Today I want to encourage you to take the Promise at face value. Trust that God is God in your life. Trust that everything He promised in His Word is still true today and it will be true forever.

When someone makes a promise to you, you want to believe them and you hold on to that promise. I am sure you have experienced the disappointment that comes with a broken promise. You held on to something that seemed too good to be true and it was indeed too good to be true when the person broke that promise. God is not like that. He doesn’t lie and He doesn’t break His promises. What He said He would do, He always does. All He asks is that we give Him credit and we rely on Him. Blind faith gets us a long way far from disappointment and deception. When we put all our trust in the Lord, we are never let down. He carries us through the worst times and He covers us all the time. You can rest assured that Jesus is King today as powerfully as He was yesterday and He is King in your life if you let Him. He is the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings and no one and nothing is bigger than Him. No one and nothing is better than Him. Allow Him to be God in your life by taking His Promise at face value. Read the Word and learn about all the blessings and all the promises of our Lord. They are directed to you and they are meant for you. The Promise of a new life and an abundant life in Christ cannot be broken. It is undeniable that God is God and that powerful truth will impact your body, mind and spirit when you embrace it.

Taking something at face value means accepting it without doubt and hesitation. It means having total confidence in that thing and knowing that it is true. I want to invite you to go over God’s promises, as many promises as possible, and meditate on them. Meditation is mental rumination. It is an exercise of our brains that helps us gain clarity. It is also an exercise of the heart where our hearts get enlightened by a revelation or a truth. Take one of God’s promises and ruminate on it. Meditate on it for a few days and ask the Holy Spirit to assist you with the process. Let that promise settle in your heart. Let it go against the lies of the enemy in your head and it will win many battles. You will be set free in your thinking and the truth will prevail. God’s promises are all real and authentic but we need to spend time making them real to our inner being so we can develop faith in them. God loves to have you as His child and He promised to be the best Father there is. He is an amazing God, a phenomenal Father and a Faithful King. Take Him at face value. Enjoy Him. Adore Him and celebrate Him. Our God is an awesome God!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 26:3; Psalm 32:8; John 16:33

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