It’s a new day

God’s mercies are new every day. I love that! Today is a new day, friend! Hope for the best. Hope for God’s best. Great things can happen today. Leave yesterday behind and focus on what the Lord is doing in your life today. Know that He is blessing you all the time and when you let your faith take control, His blessings get out of control. You are going to experience so much more peace than you have before. Trust that His peace is part of this new today. His new mercies come with a new set of joy, peace, love and more. All these amazing things are coming today. Have faith that they belong to you and you will see what Jesus does for you. New day, same God. New opportunities, same God. New mercies, same God. What God did yesterday, He can do today and in an even bigger way. What the devil stole yesterday can be restored today. Anything can happen in the name of Jesus. There is a new breakthrough on the way. Don’t let your mind tell you that things will never get better. Today is the day you can see how great the Lord is and you can rejoice over Him because He created today for you. This day will not go by without you being blessed. Embrace the newness and embrace the goodness of God. It’s a new day and you are going to have new experiences in the name of the Lord and you are going to have an awareness of God in your life. Don’t focus on what happened in the past. Look at what today is bringing into your life. It is good and amazing and it is coming from the Lord. Today is the day the Lord has made. Rejoice and be glad in it!

 Today there is a reason to rejoice. Not only is it a new day and something great could happen but it is also a day that the Lord made. He makes every day. Good things can happen during the day He made. Now, the enemy will inject some of his venom during the day to try and spoil it for you but don’t let yourself be troubled. God is by your side today and He is in charge. At the start of the day, show the Lord you believe He is in charge. Declare Him over your life. Declare Him over your day. Denounce the lies of the enemy and proclaim the truth of the Lord. The truth is that you are blessed. The truth is that Jesus is your Savior and nothing can take that away from you. Today is the Lord’s day and you are the blessed recipient of that day. God is putting things together just for you and they are wonderful things. Today you are entitled to the best the Lord has to offer. Develop that mentality. Rewire your mind with the Word of God and learn that the Lord wants you to be blessed. Discover how His new mercies are available for you every single day. It’s a second chance, a third chance, a fourth chance with the Lord. Don’t get discouraged if yesterday wasn’t great. Today is going to make up for the sadness of yesterday. Seize the day by seizing the truth of the Gospel. Jesus is your Lord and He provided for today when He died on the cross and came back from the dead. The power of His resurrection is in every hour of today!

Get on the boat of gladness and make it a point to stay positive all day. Celebrate the Lord Thank Him for this incredible day. Accept His gladness and remain in the power of His joy. Keep your head up. Remember that God has made a way and His way is still in front of you. The obstacles and the hurdles of yesterday are going to get out of the way. God has a path to His blessings and that is where you are going to walk today. You are going to stay on His path and walk with confidence knowing that God has a plan for you and it is out of this world. Today is a new day and you are being touched by the Holy Spirit again. His fresh fire is coming upon you as you stay in faith. He is filling you with His presence so you can make the most of today. Thank God for today. I am glad and excited for you because today anything good can happen to you. Keep your hopes up and expect the best in Jesus’ name. New mercies will give you what you need and more. God is planning a day to remember. Remember to thank Him and to stay grateful. Enjoy this new day! God will be with you all the way!

Suggested reading: Psalm 118:24; Luke 6:36; Hebrews 4:16

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