God’s love letter to you

I once was told that I should focus on what the Lord says about us believers in His Word. I was encouraged to highlight what was directed to us and to meditate on it. Then a new perspective came. The Book of Life, the Bible, is a love letter. It is a love letter from the Lord to us, His bride. It should be read as such and the author should be applauded and lauded. “God wrote a love letter to me?” I wondered. It seemed odd and very contradictory to my religious upbringing. When you think of a groom and a bride you usually picture companionship, intimacy and love. Could God be in love with me? I found out that He was and His love for me was different. His love for all of us is different from human love. It is bigger, better and stronger. We are the bride indeed and we are the object of His affection. Learning all this revolutionized my mind and it made me want to know more about this love depicted in the love letter. Jesus is the central theme of the Word of God. He is the Savior and He is the bridge between God and us. God gave His Son so that whoever believes in Him would be saved. That central theme of the Bible is the love theme that we should see in the Word. We should read the Word as the love letter that it is. Jesus came to reconcile us with God. He did the ultimate sacrifice and He achieved what no one else could have done. What He did is the best testament to the most powerful love in the universe and beyond. God so loved you that He gave Jesus. God so loved you that He wrote about it so that the truth in His Word would set you free.

Today I am inviting you to welcome the love letter from the Lord. Study the Word of God. Learn about this powerful love. Fill your mind with this love. Fill your heart with His love. Take the necessary steps toward living through this love. A Bible that sits on a night table is not useful. It is an ornament but it should be a garment. I am not saying we should literally wear the Bible but we should don it spiritually by letting it become a part of what we put on every day. There are so many things that could be wearing us down when we accept them and take them for absolute truth. The truth is that God loves you and me. That is where we should start when we read His Word. There is a love that transcends everything and it is the love of the Lord for us. That revelation should illuminate our vision of God and help us read His Word the way it was meant to be read. How much does God love us? I don’t think we can fathom the depth of His love but we owe it to ourselves to be students of the Word and doers of the Word. God’s love letter is very long and it has many notes in the margin of its truth. The Holy Spirit can help us understand all the notes and all the fine print. He can reveal secrets and wisdom that will change our lives. The key is to invite Him to be part of our quest and to refrain from following man-made theories and doctrines. Jesus is the message of the Word of God and He is love.

Next time someone tells you that you better watch out and you better be afraid because God will smite you, tell him or her that you know the love letter He has written for you and about you. Salvation is for you. Redemption is for you. Deliverance is for you. Freedom is for you. Healing is for you. Provision is for you. Wisdom is for you. Peace is for you. Faith is for you. Joy is for you and above all, God’s love is for you. His Word is loaded with His love. It’s on every page. It’s in every word. Pray that you see it. Pray that His Spirit will open the eyes of your spirit and demonstrate His love. Pray that you can read the letter with the right intonation and the right intent. Pray that the lies of the enemy don’t prevent you from embracing the love that died for you and that came back to life. Pray that you see life in the Word of God and you understand that death was conquered. As the bride, you are entitled to companionship, relationship and intimacy with the Lord. Get as close to Him as possible. Accept His love and keep it in the core of your heart. You are loved more than you will ever know by the Lord who knows you better than you know yourself. Welcome His love. Welcome His love letter and read it with Jesus as the main message. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: John 3:15-16; Romans 5:8; 1 Timothy 1:15-16

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