God’s words of encouragement

Life has a way of surprising us with events and situations that we could do without. Sometimes you get some bad news at work and you feel like your world is turned upside down. Sometimes you lose someone you were close to and your world seems to stop. Sometimes you have so many bills that you don’t know how in the world you are going to get out of debt. Those unwanted surprises can sneak up on us at any time. There is nothing we can do to prevent most of them but there is Someone we can count on to help us deal with all of them. When bad news hits, we can hit back with a word of faith. The Lord has a word of faith for every situation. He has a word of encouragement for every occasion. He has a word of peace for every circumstance. He has a word of hope for every scenario. Bad scenarios don’t have to end on a disastrous note because the Lord gives His final touch to every script that is written over our lives when we trust Him. It’s easy to fall apart when our world comes crashing down. When problems seem to be showing up at our doorstep every day, hope can be hard to find. However, just a few words from the Lord can change our situation around. I have found that when I am overwhelmed and I take a minute to quiet myself, I get amazing words of encouragement from the Lord. They can be as simple as “Don’t give up” and as dramatic as “Your entire world is going to change for the better.” The key is for me to believe those words and to put them to work for me. It is a question of engaging with them and of letting them produce good fruit in me. If you are not able to hear God’s encouragement, pray that you can hear Him talk to you. He talks to us in so many different ways and He is always saying something to us.

Today I am inviting you to pursue God’s words of encouragement. Seek His wisdom. Glean knowledge from Him. Focus on what He has to say. He is very loud in His Word so that is where you should start. All the wisdom you need is in there. Search the Word prayerfully and you will find God’s words of encouragement that always help you no matter what you are going through. There are verses in His Word that are perfect for what you are going through now. There are scriptures in His Word that can heal you and heal your situation. There are passages in His Word that can give you peace beyond all understanding. There is so much encouragement in the Word of God. God is an encourager. He knows hope better than anyone else. For Him nothing is ever impossible. If you need a boost or some great encouragement, turn to God. Say a simple prayer. Tell Him you need a boost and He will give you wings to fly over all your troubles. He will always say that hope is not lost. Get closer to Him and you will get closer to a fountain of hope that can never be quenched. Present your worst circumstances to God and He will still say that there is hope. Isn’t that amazing? This is how I have pictured it when I go to God with my problems. I bring Him cards with all my problems listed and He gives me pages with all the solutions. He takes my cards and trades them for hope. He can destroy the things that bother me. He can whisper words of love that fill me with courage and boldness. His words of encouragement keep me on the  path of faith and help me move forward. God’s words are a push in the right direction and they give us what we need when we need it!

God’s words of encouragement are the best medicine for a head cold when overthinking makes us sick. His words can pierce our hearts and give us the hope we need to make it to the finish line. God’s words like I said give us a gentle push and they guide us along the way to a better tomorrow. His words form a thread that ends in great things. His words give us the strength and the power to withstand the arrows of the enemy. God’s words will never tell us to give up and to get discouraged. His words are always there to make us smile and to give us joy. I have experienced triumphant joy in the middle of trouble just because I went over some words of encouragement from God. I suggest you keep a list of God’s words of encouragement. Write them down and keep them close to you. Try and memorize them. The more you look at them and the more they will stick. Once you know them, review them with the eyes of faith and the mind of hope. Do it through meditation. Those incredible words of encouragement will spring forth when you need them and they will show up at your doorstep and kick out the misery and the despair that come with the bad surprises of life. Hold on to hope. Hope to God’s hope through His words. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Lamentations 3:22-23; John 15:13; 2 Corinthians 4:16-18

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