Using seeds of faith

Faith the size of a mustard seed is enough. From that small seed can come mountains of blessings and miracles. Do you ever think about how a little faith goes a long way? God can take the little we give Him and give us reasons to trust Him more. He shows us that our faith produces good things and with every exercise of faith comes more practice for bigger things. Don’t ever underestimate the faith you have. Your faith can move mountains. Put it to the test. Use it deliberately. Use it every change you get. Use it and hold on to the hope that comes with that seed. Now, seeds are meant to reproduce the plants that they come from. Your faith is meant to reproduce and to create more faith. That is how it works but it won’t happen if your faith is not planted in soil. Your faith can produce a harvest. Your faith can give you more than you can imagine. You can reap the harvest of incredible events sponsored by God. Faith is the language of God spoken by men and women who are the spokespeople of the Lord. When you stay in faith and faith is the only thing that oozes out of your spiritual spores, you are speaking God’s language fluently. When I woke up yesterday, the first thing I heard during prayer was “Get ready to reap a harvest.” I meditated on those words for some time. There are several areas in my life right now where I have planted seeds of faith. The seeds have produced some great things. They have given me more patience and more resilience. I am more tenacious with my faith. When the enemy comes and tries to remove hope from me, I hold on to faith and I battle him with words of victory and triumph in the name of Jesus.

When you keep walking in faith despite your circumstances, the enemy attacks you even more. He tries to change your mind and he puts poison in your thinking. His negative thoughts are venomous. They are harmful and they are depleting. They will deplete you of faith and hope if you let them grow. When the attacks of the enemy are strong, keep sowing seeds of faith. Keep speaking faith over your life. Keep acting in accordance with your faith. Don’t give in to words of discouragement. Take control of your thoughts by turning them over to the Lord. Find refuge in Him and let Him be your fortress of positivity. Take that seed of faith and water it. How do you do that? Water helps seeds grow and gives them life. You can give more life to your faith by expressing it. What you say can counteract what you think. The words that come out of your mouth on a regular basis can influence your thinking. Repeat what the Lord says in His Word even when you don’t feel like it. That is a very crucial time. When you don’t feel like it, your flesh wants to dominate you and your spirit is weaker. Give your spirit a boost by speaking faith and holding on to the Lord’s promises. Your future with the Lord is covered. Good things will come when you trust Him. That thought alone gives me hope. I keep reminding myself that I am covered. My life is covered. My present is covered. My future is covered and Jesus does all the covering for me. There is nothing the Lord won’t do for you when you remain in the realm of faith. That seed will become more seeds and before you know it, you will have a crop of powerful life changing seeds of hope.

You might wonder how you can go from a seed to a mountain? With God it is more than possible. It is part of what He does and He does it seamlessly. There is nothing too hard for God and I suggest that you dip your seed of faith in that truth. Let it marinate in that powerful truth and keep it handy. Faith should be used at all times. It is not something we should take out only when things get tough. We should have faith in everything and for everything. Faith wasn’t intended to only be a reaction but it is meant to also be a decision. We should approach life with the decision that we will have faith. We should expect great things with the power of faith. We think of faith as a defense mechanism and it is but it is also a way of life. Faith produces miracles even when all is fine. We should be the believers that dare to believe for more and that keep producing mountains of blessings out of nowhere. We should be the soldiers of the Lord who are ready to be a blessing and who know that God can do great things through our hands. We should have faith in the fact that God can use us as vessels 24/7. Let’s use faith to bring about harvests of miracles and blessings. Let’s use our faith all the time. Let’s dream big and cause great and positive changes to occur in the world around us because we live in faith. Let’s use our seeds of faith and give God the chance to create the impossible. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Hebrews 11:1;  Ephesians 3:20; 2 Corinthians 5:7

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