God’s will be done

Yesterday I found out that I didn’t get the promotion I was hoping for. A lot of signs had pointed in the right direction. People had been supporting me. I gave a presentation that was described as being excellent and yet things didn’t go my way. At first I was very disappointed and shocked. I was confused. I asked the Lord why this was happening and the reality of it all is that those things do happen. Life doesn’t always go our way. Even with the Lord on our side, it’s not our way that matters. It’s not about our will but it’s about His will. His will be done. I trust Him. I believe in Him. He is my Savior. Jesus is my Lord. However, it doesn’t mean that my will will prevail because He is my Lord. I don’t have the power to overtake His will and make my will reign. Every time we think things should go a certain way and they don’t, we have to take a step back and realize that it is just not God’s will. I felt like I lost something. I felt like I lost a battle. I felt shortchanged. I felt betrayed. By whom? By my own feelings and emotions. They can rule my mind and my will. Emotions are never good indicators of what’s to come or of what should happen in our lives. They don’t work well with faith. We can’t base our faith on our feelings. Faith is spiritual. Feelings are of the flesh. God is spirit and He is led by the flesh. My flesh was definitely in conflict with my spirit. My flesh is in conflict with God’s will. I had to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, God’s picture, God’s will. Hours after I found out the news, I was able to pray and say “Lord, Your will be done.”

God’s will is always good. Do you ever think about that? We say that God is good but we don’t often mention that His will is good. Sometimes we don’t agree with His will and we rebel and believe that things should happen differently. Just because something doesn’t make sense to us and it defies all logic doesn’t mean that it is wrong or bad. God protects us from many things. We will never find out what some of these things are but we ought to trust that God’s will is the best and what we don’t get at times is a blessing in disguise. We could be praying for a particular job and not get it. God could be protecting us from something in that job. There could be many reasons why He doesn’t want us to get that job. It can feel horrible and depressing but we have to put all our trust in the One whose will is perfect. God’s will for your life, friend, is perfect. It may jive with the world’s standards and the world’s expectations but it is perfect. If you are hoping for a job, there is a right job for you and God will make it happen for you. Have great expectations that are God’s expectations. His expectations are part of His will. Thank Him for His will.

May God’s will be done in your life. His will is powerful and it will take place. When you focus on the Lord and you develop faith in Him, you are not taken aback by some of the things that happen to you even if they are earth shattering. Storms and earthquakes have a way of confusing us and of making us feel like we are stepping outside of God’s will and the enemy is taking over. The enemy always attacks but he can’t win against God’s will. Good things come to those who wait patiently in the name of Jesus. Know that God’s will will win no matter how bad things are now. His will is going to give you the breakthrough that you need. His will is going to leave a beautiful mark on your life. His will is that you are saved. Not only that you are saved because Jesus is your savior but He also wants you to be saved from the turmoil of life. You are going to be more than ok. May God’s will be done in your life. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Matthew 6:10; John 7:17; 1 Timothy 2:4

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