Rising above

When you get some bad news it’s easy for your emotions and your feelings to take over. You can get overwhelmed easily. It is in our human nature to react with fear and doubt. We are programmed to panic and to think the worst. We can go far into the depth of negative emotions with the bad news. We typically don’t get back news and rejoice thinking there is nothing to worry about. We see that there is something to worry about because the prognosis is not good and the future looks bleak. When we give our emotions and our feelings permission to control us, we take steps away from God. Negative emotions are steps away from the truth. The bad news seems to be the truth but the truth is that God always wins and His Son died not only for our sins but for our deliverance. We are not meant to be victims of bad news. We are not meant to be defeated. No matter what we hear and what we feel, we can be overcomers. Our mission is not to let the news affect us and not to take steps away from God. When we get bad news, we should actually take steps closer to God. We need to get into our prayer closets and spend quality time with the Lord. Our Christian reflex should be to praise the Lord despite the bad news and to thank Jesus because there will be some good outcome. We can rise above emotions and feelings in the name of Jesus. Today I am inviting you to rise above your feelings and emotions. Rise above your circumstances. When you get some bad news, get into “rising above” mode. You can do it through the power of the Lord. The bad news is not God’s final say. Let Him have the last word.

Rising above something implies that we don’t let ourselves be hurt or controlled by circumstances, emotions, feelings, people or by what is said. It means that we are above our situation and we are in control of our emotions. When Jesus is your savior, you can rise above thanks to the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God gives you the power to deal with anything. Now, the key is to work with Him at all times. We can’t call upon Him only when things are not going well. We need to be used to Him and to know His voice. We hear so many things in our heads. Events and circumstances try to get our attention by saying all kinds of things to our minds. Now, how can we recognize the voice of the Lord in times of trouble if we never listen to Him? This is why it is crucial to have a daily connection and conversation with the Lord. When we do, we know who He is and what He sounds like. We are able to hear what we need to rise above our problems. It is not human advice but it is divine intervention. The Lord intervenes in our favor and one of the ways He does that is by speaking truth to us and showing us how we can rise above our circumstances. He is the key. He knows what works and what will help us. It’s time to rise above words of discouragement and above the discourse of fear. You and I can rise above anything when we pay attention to the Word of God and to His encouragement.

The Bible gives us the ability to rise above life’s worst events. The last time I received some bad news, I sent it back to the sender by using verses from the Bible. I declared that greater is the Lord that is in me than the devil that gives us bad news. I refused to accept the news as my truth. In the natural, the bad news was real and it was a fact. According to the Lord, the bad news was fake news and He rectified that sad message by giving me His message of hope. God can reverse all situations, friend. Let me write this again. God can reverse all situations. Don’t accept the bad news as the ultimate truth. Jesus is the truth, the way and the life. Accept Him. Allow Him into your situation. Let Him be your truth. Let Him lift you up so you can rise above. As a matter of fact, lift Him up and you will rise above anything. Always choose Jesus no matter how bad things look. Don’t focus on how things appear. Adjust your vision by fixing your eyes on Jesus. Rise above what you see and walk in faith. Rise above your emotions and feelings and trust that what God says about your circumstances is the only thing that matters. In the name of Jesus things are going to change and get better. Keep believing. Stay strong in your faith. Don’t lose hope. You can rise above your present tribulation, friend. There is always hope with Jesus. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 119:114; Jeremiah 17:7; John 14:6

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