Turn up the volume of your praise

Our praises are powerful. They are more powerful than we think. They are an expression of faith and a celebration of the Lord Almighty who deserves our purest praise. Since praise is such an amazing thing you can be sure that the enemy will do what he can to steal our praise. He will always cause us to stumble and to stop praising the Lord but we don’t have to succumb to his attacks. God has given us weapons and we can use them so we can protect our praise. Friend, your praise is extremely precious and you need to protect it. Let your praise be heard every day. Let your heart express its gratitude to Jesus every day. When you praise the Lord you put the enemy in a challenging position. You pour the oil of victory all over him and he hates it. Yes, the devil hates our praises so let’s praise even louder today. Let’s sing to Jesus as loud as we can. Let’s walk in the power of praise through our actions, our words and our thoughts. We can praise God on the inside and on the outside. All we have to do is praise. We don’t have to be perfect at it. We need to be aware of it and do it all the time. We can speak words that exalt the Lord all day long. We can act in a way that gives God the glory. When we keep walking in love, we keep praising the Lord. As this new week begins, I am inviting you to praise the Lord louder than you ever have. Turn up the volume of your praises. Honor the Lord even more. Celebrate Jesus. Follow His Word. Give Him glory!

Years ago one of my friends told me about her struggles. She was ready to throw in the towel. She felt like her prayers were not heard and she couldn’t focus on the Lord because she was discouraged. Reading the Bible didn’t bring her comfort. I told her “Turn up the volume of your praises.” She wasn’t receptive to the idea at first but I explained that the Lord is in the praises of His people and when you praise Him, He shows up. She promised to try. I told her to do it for a few days, not just try. I suggested she not only had devoted time to praise the Lord but she should also honor Him with her actions and with what she said. I told her to pay attention to what she said and to make sure that it was positive, pure and noble. After a few days of turning up the volume of her praises, she saw a difference. The main difference was the joy she was experiencing and the freedom that seemed to be settling in her heart. What she had done was open the door to the Lord and she had invited Him to come in and to be with her. He is always with us but when we praise Him, He manifests in a great way. Honest and genuine praise brings the Spirit of the Lord onto the scene and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

Like I said, you can turn up the volume of your praise by being aware of what you say. You can make an effort and be selective when it comes to what you say. Say anything that lifts up the Lord and that puts Him on a pedestal. When we complain or we are negative, we are not praising the Lord. We are actually being ungrateful. God is good all the time and we should be thankful for His goodness all the time. We can always find a reason to praise Him. We can always lift Him up even when things are not going well. I would say that when things are tough, our praises should be louder. When the enemy is attacking us with fiery darts, we should praise Jesus even more. Our praises will stop the fire of the enemy and bring rain from Heaven. I find that there is so much joy that comes with praising the Lord. It is a party, a celebration and God’s joy is always part of the event. Today if you are struggling, friend, praise louder. Praise Jesus more. Sing to Him. Talk to Him. Talk about Him. Remember the enemy is after your praise and he will try to take it away from you because he knows there is power in it. Don’t give him that satisfaction. Take your praises back. Praise washes away negativity. Give God the sacrifice of praise but praising Him even when you don’t feel like it. Your praise will change the atmosphere and it will bless you tremendously. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Exodus 15:2; 1 Chronicles 16:9; Romans 14:11

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