Jesus the anchor

Jesus is the anchor of my life. Without Him I would be nothing. He has stayed with me through thick and thin. He has cheered me up. He has comforted me. He has led me. He has blessed me and protected me. What He has done for me can’t be put into words but I try my best to talk about Him. He deserves all my attention and all my praise. No one and nothing has had the kind of impact that He has had on my life. I navigate through the oceans of life thanks to Him. He is the anchor who keeps me in one place, His place. He is my refuge and my home. I am at home with Him. I have a place to be all the time and that place is in the palm of His hand. I love it when I realize how important He is and how caring He is. My goal is to be aware of Him more and more and to love Him more and more. For us believers, Jesus is our number one anchor. We need to put that truth in the forefront of our lives. We need Him in the forefront. We can’t love the world more than we love Jesus. It is a profound reality that should be our reality. It’s time we went back to the basics of our faith and we focused on the author of our faith. No more distractions and diversions. All eyes on Jesus. All ears on Jesus. All mind on Jesus. All hearts filled with Jesus. All hope in Jesus!

There was a time when my bank account meant a lot to me. I found security in the money that I had. I was saved. I was a believer but deep down I believed more in the power of money than in the power of God. I trusted that God wanted to bless me and He did but I paid more attention to the blessings than I did to the One who blessed me. God was almost like a genie. I made a wish and waited for it to come to pass. My relationship with God was based on gain. It took me a while to snap out of that mentality and to change my approach. Money could not be my anchor. Money could not be my safety blanket. I was so world minded. I was so money driven. When my bank account was low, I panicked. I equated money with success and with a good relationship with God. I was so mistaken. Jesus was my success. Jesus was my salvation. Jesus was my relationship with God. What He did for me was amazing but He was what happened to me. Yes, Jesus happened to me. He was the main event. He was the center stage I needed to keep my eyes on. What He provided was cherry on the cake but it should never have been my goal and my greatest desire. Jesus had to become my anchor. Money needed to take a backseat. I revisited my relationship with the Lord. I repented and followed His lead. His Spirit made it happen. He was a game changer in the sea of religion confusing I was holding on to.

I found more security in Jesus than I did in money. I got there by spending time in the Word and by developing my relationship with Him. I discovered how eloquent and how chatty His Spirit was. The Holy Spirit is not quiet and He is not absent. He is always present. He always represents Jesus and He promotes Him all the time so to speak. He emphasizes the importance of the Lord. He always presents Jesus as being number one. What appeared to be obvious was that I needed to give Jesus first place and to recognize that my life without Him was not good. I started to see Him as my only help. I worked on that and it paid off. I consulted with God before doing anything. I talked to Him about every part of my life. If I had to buy something I asked Him for advice. If I needed to make a decision, I asked Him for advice. I also spoke about Him more the way the Bible described Him. I said that He was my refuge and my fortress. I said that His Spirit was my counselor. Jesus became my anchor, my place holder. He holds me in a place of peace, a place of victory and a place of hope. Make Jesus the anchor of your life. Put Him first. Keep your eyes on Him. Learn to know Him better. Make Him your priority. He will give you the best life ever! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 39:7; Hebrews 6:19; 2 Corinthians 5:17

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