When Heaven invades

When I started being more serious about God, I started experiencing what I call “Heaven invasions”. Living out my life in Christ was a big change for the better. Up to that point I had been a victim of my life. I had been going through the motions with no hope of a better life. Life was what happened to me and not what I could make happen. The Lord told me that we could cause good things to happen in our lives and those blessings come from having a relationship with Him. Those blessings are not necessarily the material blessings that come to mind. As a matter of fact, I was more impressed by the spiritual changes in my life and by the joy, the peace and the love that became part of my daily experience. God was not far away. He became more real and more involved in my life because I let Him be more involved. He is in control and we can learn that when we have faith and we trust that He is always with us. Having a relationship with Him is having a direct connection to Heaven. Jesus is our direct pipeline to the Father. He is our guarantee that we belong in the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom can collide with our lives on a regular basis.

The “Heaven invasions” first took place in my prayer life. I have mentioned praise as my gate opener many times. Praises open the gates of Heaven and they let us in. Every worship and praise session gets us closer to the Lord. The Lord inhabits the praises of His people. That is why the Holy Spirit often shows up when we praise Jesus. He is in our heartfelt praises and He can’t deny Himself. God is faithful to His Word and His Word says that as we praise Him, we touch His heart and He enters our situations. I praise my way to Heaven so to speak. I don’t try to gain favor. I just express my adoration to the Lord and that beautiful act of adoration is a Heaven invasion itself. God is always around us but sometimes we need to get through the barriers of distraction that are in place. Those barriers prevent us from seeing God at work in our lives. They also dull our spiritual lives by making them plain and simple. I am not saying we should pursue thrilling experiences with God but those incredible moments do exist and they are how Heaven invades our spaces. God is a supernatural God and we can expect supernatural encounters with Him. Look at how He intervened supernaturally in the Bible. Biblical times are not over. Heaven still exists and God is still a miraculous God. Embrace the invasions!

I find the word “invasion” to be pretty powerful. It denotes overpowering and taking over. It can be used in a negative context but today I am using it to describe a great and wonderful context. When God invades our situation and when He overpowers our circumstances, it is always an amazing time. I want to encourage you to look for those Heaven invasion moments in your life. They can be blessings, miracles, prayer sessions, worship sessions. Every time God is lifted up and focused on, Heaven is invading. You will find that the invasions occur more and more as you get closer to the Lord. Always start with what’s in your heart. Adore the Lord from your heart. You don’t need to be fancy and eloquent. Jesus knows what’s in your heart and He wants you to express it. Express your love and He will express Himself to you. Express your faith and He will invade your space. Express your gratitude and He will give you more reasons to be grateful. There are miracles coming your way. God is love and full of grace and mercy and He is going to do amazing things in your life. Have faith in the Heaven invasions. Believe that there is more to this life and that your life in Christ is overwhelmingly amazing. Life can get very tough but Heaven can change every bad moment into a moment of celebration. You have the Lord backing you up. You have an army of angels surrounding you. Praise the Lord! You have seen nothing yet. Stay in faith and stay encouraged. May God bless you and protect you and believe that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Matthew 9:6-8; John 2:11; Ephesians 3:20

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